Sunday, October 31, 2010

Watching Out For Voter Fraud In The 2010 Mid-Term Elections

I never thought my beloved country would ever stoop to voter fraud to ensure a particular candidate would win over another, but considering it has happened in the past, including during the 2008 elections, thanks to ACORN, we can rest assured it will more than likely happen again during these 2010 mid-terms. There is way too much at stake, so it is incumbent upon us all to make sure that with the many tight-races occurring nationwide, that someone doesn't win as a result of fraudulent activity. An election should be won fair and square, regardless of whether or not we like the results, but since the Democratic Party has far more to lose, in many ways, my bets are on them, and this time they have SEIU on their side.

The following conservative website has been established specifically for reporting any voter fraud that you might encounter on election day. Keep those eyes and ears open.

The following is set up for November 2nd:

On November 2nd, if you SEE something, SAY something

CALL: 877.794.0004
CONFERENCE CALL all day and night!

CALL IN NUMBER: (218) 936-7999
BRIDGE: 972046

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