Saturday, October 30, 2010

Dirty Politics- The 2010 MidTerm Elections

Midterm elections are upon us and I've never seen it quite as down and dirty. On both sides, mind you. More than likely it has to do with the fact that both the Democratic and Republican Parties have much to lose, or gain, depending on your political perspective. The right is trying to dig its way back from the major losses it incurred in 2008 from an Obama win that should never have happened. I blame that on all the disenfranchised Republicans and Independents who chose to sit out the 2008 election or vote Third Party simply because they hated John McCain more than they wanted to retain control. I warned people about that foolish decision- that punishing the Republican Party would ultimately punish the American people, and we are now suffering the consequences.

But the miserable past few years have now galvanized the conservatives into action- the Tea Party movement (which really isn't a Party at all, so they claim) emerged, and people are ready to vote the bums in our government out. However, in their over-zealous efforts to not repeat the mistakes of the past, people blindly voted for a few duds that the Tea Party backed, and who have no chance in hell of ever getting elected. Christine O'Donnell comes to mind, to name a few. While I'm sure she's a lovely woman there is no way the woman will win. I could be wrong but I doubt it. She's way too fringe for the the majority of moderates, independents and liberals, who I believe make up the majority of the American people. Perhaps this will serve as a lesson to the Tea Party elite, that it's ultra important to vet a candidate before you put all your efforts into ensuring they get the nomination. Mike Castle in Delaware, although considered a RINO by many, would have at least voted 70 to 80% of the time with the Republicans, as opposed to the 0% of the time which will happen if as-left-as-you-can-get Chris Coons wins. I'd be much happier with 80% than zippo%, but some people can't quite fathom the importance of that distinction. Then we have Nevada's Harry Reid who should have been dead in the water, but it's looking like he might just retain that seat, thanks to another tea Party favorite who is just too far right for most.

As for the liberals, they're desperately trying to hold on to control of the House and Senate. Thankfully, it looks like that won't happen with the House, but they're doing their damnedest to hold on to the Senate, and doing whatever they can to make sure they don't lose it all.

Politics have always been dirty, and those who started off with a relatively respectful campaign were dragged into a much more negative stance by their opponents. Florida Republican Congressman, LtC Allen West's TV ad's eventually turned negative in response to his Democratic opponent Ron Klein's vicious attacks. The Democrats, in fact, stooped so low that they released West's social security number on an anti-West flyer. Klein's reps claim ignorance, but the flyer included an Indiana tax lien West took 4 months to pay off with the social security number clearly visible, and the lien issue has been prominently featured in all of Klein's rancorous TV ads. I sincerely doubt he wasn't aware of the flyer's contents.

It's too bad we can't have civility in politics, but with a President as polarizing as the one we currently have in office, we can't expect much. All I know is I will be ecstatic come November 3rd, whatever happens.

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