Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Christmas Is Offensive- Says Kuwaiti MP

Bah humbug to Hamdan al-Azmi, a Kuwaiti MP, who said the Christmas celebrations are a "mockery" and "offensive" to Islamic culture and religious teachings. So he wants a crackdown on Christmas festivities.

“Allowing activities that promote occasions that are strange to our Islamic society is ridiculous and an offence to our religious teachings,” he said in a statement made available to the press on Sunday.

He further urged the Deputy Premier Sheikh Mohammad al-Khalid al-Sabah to monitor activities in camps and chalets, claiming youths in the country were planning to host Christmas parties in those locations.

Al-Azmi added that celebrating such events was “inappropriate” in an Islamic state and cautioned the authorities to bar anyone from profiting from such activities, local media reported.
He also had problems with Halloween, calling anything Halloween-related as  "signs of Satanism."

Apparently, nothing has been done about cracking down on the sale of Christmas products, but ex-pats are being warned about sticking to the rules of the land, most notably those dealing with alcohol. Watch out for that spiked egg nog.

Imagine if politicians in Christian-majority countries were to tell Muslims they shouldn't celebrate EID.

Source: Al-Arabiya

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