Monday, March 30, 2015

A Catholic Florida University Authorizes Pro-ISIS Club - Project Veritas Video

James O'Keefe from Project Veritas (PV) has added another video to his university collection.

Last week he posted a video from Cornell University where we see Assistant Dean Joseph Scaffido sanction a pro-ISIS club. This new one is far more on point. Whereas the journalist in the last one never actually mentions the name Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, or the acronym ISIS, this PV journalist does both. Numerous times.

At Florida's Barry University- a private Catholic university in Miami Shores- the young female journalist speaks to four different Barry University officials, all of whom tell her that forming an "ISIS" club would be perfectly fine.  As long as she doesn't use the name ISIS, since "technically our country is at war with ISIS."

No excuse this time.

They should have told the young girl- hell no!  Instead they signed off on the application for the club.

The officials:

Derek Bley- Coordinator for Leadership Development and Student Organizations
Daisy Santiago- International and Multicultural Programs Coordinator
Frederique Frage- Associate Director of International and Multicultural Programs
Associate Professor of Communications Pawena Sirimangkala, Honors Program

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