Sunday, March 15, 2015

South African Muslim Student Calls BDS Activists Jew Haters

Not all Muslims support the Boycott Israel movement. In fact there are some who believe the BDS movement is actually harming the Palestinian people.

After Bassem Eid, a Palestinian human rights activist, started criticizing the boycott movement at a debate at the University of Johannesburg, BDS activists started threatening him, and calling him "a liar and a sell-out." University security had to evacuate him from the lecture hall.

The event was organized by the SA Union of Jewish Students as part of a program to debate the Palestinian-Israeli conflict. A meeting with the university will be held shortly to discuss the incident, the press release stated.

“It is especially telling that BDS disrupted a speech by a Palestinian human rights activist that was sharing his experiences and thoughts for peace, making it evident that peace is less on their agenda than is forcing others to abide by their intolerant agenda,” the statement by the Jewish Board of Deputies read.

In February, the student representative council at the Durban University of Technology in South Africa urged the institution’s management to expel its Jewish students, especially those who don’t support the Palestinian cause.

Like Bassem Eid, there are other Muslims who can separate Israeli policies that they might not agree with from the Jewish people themselves.

One young Muslim student who was at the lecture pleads with supporters of Israel to continue their support, and calls out the BDS activists as Jew haters.

Watch the video of the young woman here on YouTube.

Bassem Eid is the same activist who has called on Palestinians to get rid of Hamas.

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