Friday, March 30, 2007

Freedom of Speech- Part 1: Incitement to violence

Freedom of Speech, Islamic style.

London demonstration 2/3/06, in response to the publication of the Danish Mohammed cartoons.


Papa J said...

You have to wonder what Muhammad is thinking about where his religion has turned.

For centuries Arabia was the seat of wisdom and learning while Europe floundered in ignorance.

I wonder if they still see themselves as a great font of knowledge. I wonder how much higher learning is held up or shot down.

Interesting just how one way that Tolerance street is.

Blazing Cat Fur said...

They see themselves only as victims. All of their failings are blamed on the "other". There seems to be no ability or desire to look inward- none that is encouraged by the Muslim leadership.

I remember when the cartoon controversy was hot, Muslims protested outside Queen's Park (Seat of provincial gov't). One women, obviously a resident in Canada for some years was quoted as saying. The U.N. should be brought in to set limits on free-speech. I mean what can you say to someone who thinks that way??

Incognito said...

I think that's the problem PJ, the religion hasn't evolved, whatsoever, since it's beginnings. Other than some differing interpretations of certain Surahs, everything they practice is pretty much set forth in the Koran. From Jihad to female subjugation.

But I *also* wonder what happened to that whole civilization... what once was the seat of civilization has taken humongous steps backwards. It's as if everyone else has evolved and they regressed. I find it very sad.

The U.N., BCF? Yeah, right. I'd like to see that happen.
And Nothing.. absolutely nothing can be said to people like that. You can't reason with lunatics, because they just can't or don't want to hear. Too many people like that.

MUD said...

I would hide my face if I was so stupid as to tell Freedom to go to hell. It is far from perfect but so much better than anything else that I can't see the other choices from here. MUD

Papa J said...

The problem isn't that Islam hasn't evolved. The problem is that they have socially regressed. Radical Islam has grown.

Taking a lesson from history, unless the poverty in the islamic world is addressed, once a dynamic leader emerges, and they are looking for the new Caliph I am sure, the world of Islam will have a focal point. Then, all the smart bombs in the world won't be able to avert WWIII.

Incognito said...

Freedom is a God-given gift. So, yes, MUD, it is stupid. Unfortunately, along with that gift comes responsibility, but not many know what that truly means.

You're right Papa J, religions don't evolve, per se, but the people who practice those religions hopefully do. And the Muslims, obviously, haven't. When I talk about evolving I see both the religion and participants as one and the same, but I suppose I should be more specific.
We no longer tolerate 'crusades', they do.
I think, fundamentally, most Muslims, and not just the radicals, would like to see an Islamic world ruled by Sharia Law; and the quickest route to accomplishing that is by keeping the masses in ignorance and poverty. Then they don't need an official army, because they already have one, raring to go.

And even if you wanted to eradicate poverty in the Islamic world, how do you do that? we can't seem to manage it in the western world where there is far less corruption. Most of the aid we send to Africa and the Middle East etc. winds up in corrupt officials' hands. Not sure what can be done.