Friday, March 02, 2007

Violence in Copenhagen-the left's sense of gimme, gimme gimme

Denmark is a lovely country. And though it's incredibly expensive to visit, those who live there never seem to complain, because the Social Democrats (aka Socialists) implemented certain social policies in the 90s (when they were the majority party) that included redistribution of wealth, subsidized health care, education and other social services.

Great in theory, but the problem with subsidized 'anything', is that it creates a sense of entitlement, which can then trigger what is happening in Denmark today. Violence erupted in Copenhagen (with at least 4 cars set on fire), when squatters were evicted from a downtown building that was considered free public housing and served as a cultural center for leftists, punks and anarchists. The squatters continued living in the building, which had been sold 6 years ago to a church, in spite of a court ordered eviction a year ago. They are demanding a replacement, for free, of course.

This is what happens when people think that they are owed something, because a government so liberally distributes free hand-outs. There is no incentive to work, to make something of oneself. I also find it interesting to note that the perpetrators of the violence were young, leftists and anarchists.

Apparently there were protests of solidarity, in all the other Scandinavian countries and Germany.

I think some people need to get a job! Because they obviously don't have anything better to do.


Blazing Cat Fur said...

This is the unintended consequence of socialism: Socialism deprives individuals of incentive and creates a cycle of dependency. Socialism does do a terrific job of supporting bloated bureaucracies however.

MUD said...

Socialism or Communism can survive only so long as there is an iron hand to enforce the "fairness". When you take away the incentive to do more and do not enforce the need to do your share, it falls apart and anarchy reigns. We need to figure out how to endow our children with the thought that they will be fairly rewarded if they study hard, work hard and play by the rules. Our children today are learning more early and we are capable of being the best place for a long time. MUD

Incognito said...

There *is* a fundamental problem with a society that seems to look for the quick buck, quick fix, quick everything. Look at all the scams out there, the frivolous, fraudulent law suits, the identity theft, all because people don't want to work for anything.

People have become essentially lazy, I think, and if given the choice between having to work or being provided for by government, they would opt for the free hand-outs. That's the problem with welfare states, socialism etc. Absolutely BCF, it creates a cycle of dependency that people are unwilling to break away from. Why bother, if everything is provided. And, why should the hard-working people support those who choose not to contribute. The poor working Danes (and Swedes) etc. pay incredibly high taxes to subsidize the lazy ones. Not fair.
And the problem with having an iron hand to enforce the 'fairness' MUD is that it creates a ruling class, which usually becomes corrupt very quickly, so the money is never equally distributed.

would be nice if kids could that encouragement at home, MUD, but it doesn't seem to be the case. Unfortunately.

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Blazing Cat Fur said...

I still love the Drudge headline, when students and unionists and the usual anti-globalisation riff-raff rioted over attempts by the French Gov't to reform labour laws he lead with this zinger: Anarchists riot for job security!

Incognito said...

Ha! Anarchists riot for job security? That's a little oxymoronic. :-) And I recall the French were also demonstrating against raising their work week from a mere 34 or 35 hours per week, to 40! Or something like that. This is not a criticism, but the Europeans are very coddled when it comes to their work-life. They have the shortest work weeks and the longest paid vacations of any region in the world.