Friday, March 23, 2007

Rape, Lies and LaCrosse players- a travesty of justice

Remember the 3 white Duke University LaCrosse players who were accused of raping Crystal Gail Mangum, a black 28 year old university student moonlighting as an exotic dancer? Well, finally, after a year of scandal (which included a recant, major inconsistencies in the accuser's story, concealment of exculpatory evidence by an overzealous D.A. and allegations of racism), several sources involved in the case, have indicated that all charges are to be dropped, in the very near future.

Originally indicted for rape, that charge was dropped when the 'victim' suddenly decided, many months later, that maybe she wasn't raped, after all. Didn't help matters when the DNA they found on her underwear (and elsewhere) proved to be from other individuals, not the 3 accused men. And, in spite of her very questionable past (including another rape accusation that she did not follow through with) the 'assault' and 'kidnapping' charges remained, until now. The players have always maintained their innocence.

Even though Mike Nifong, the D.A., is facing charges of unethical behavior and possible disbarment, (and the 3 young men might consider filing civil lawsuits), their lives have been irreparably damaged. They will carry, throughout their lives, the stigma of having been accused of rape, even if acquitted of all charges.

So why did she accuse these men of rape to begin with? Did she think she could make some quick money by suing them? Was she so drunk (and apparently she was) she didn't remember anything? We'll probably never know, but whatever her twisted reason, what distresses me most is that this female's blatant lies have set back the woman's rights movement decades. It's hard enough proving rape to begin with, or getting women to even come forward (because of the general scepticism surrounding rape allegations), but this travesty of justice is going to make it even more difficult to prove. Way to go Crystal!

Though her actions are unforgivable, and she needs to take responsibility for them, the men have some share in that responsibility, as well. If you play with fire, you just might get burned.


MUD said...

This is a most difficult issue for me. I have been right in the middle of such a party and could have been accused of things I did not do. In fact, I hope I never get held accountable for the things that did happen.
Going to a STAG party or a beer fest such as this one was is almost a right of passage for young men. Why? because things will happen there that are not allowed in polite society. When the actions of the few are splashed on the many everyone gets dirty.
I think this is a great life lesson learned the hard way and I further hope that young men and women across the US pay attention. Go to the strip clubs to party and don't bring it into your house.

Blazing Cat Fur said...

What is almost equally disturbing about this case next to Nifongs unjust prosecution, has been the malicious behavior of certain of the Duke Staff, the Group of 88 deserve to be censured. I could not stand to take a course offered by any of them - not voluntarily at any rate.

acwo said...

I like your blog very much
keep it up!

Incognito said...

In this day and age, MUD, you do have to be very careful how you conduct your life, because even if you have done nothing wrong, chances are someone might accuse you of something you did not do, and you have very little recourse. False accusations are so easily made, these days, and you aren't innocent until proven guilty anymore. People's lives have been ruined because of that, and it's very sad. Even sadder is that the accuser is usually never held accountable. This woman will probably owe nothing, in the end.

Yeah, they do, BCF. But they probably won't be censured. I agree, I'd refuse to take classes with them.

Thankyou acwo.