Tuesday, March 27, 2007

The roach that refused to die!

In the 4 weeks, or so, that I've been in my temporary home, I've only found a few dead roaches here and there (like my 2 friends above), and they looked as if they'd been around for a lot longer than I have, so I never actually bothered to put out the baits I purchased when I first arrived........... until last night's encounter!

During a commercial break for "24", I went to my tiny kitchen to get some water and there, in full light, brazenly perched on the wall behind the sink, was a 1- 1/2 inch cockroach in all its hideous brownness. Very much alive. Feelers (as long as its body) swaying to and fro. I froze, momentarily, in panic trying to figure out the best way to get rid of him. I didn't want to spray a can of pesticide all over my kitchen, and believe me it usually takes about a can before these things actually roll over and die. Been there, done that. I knew there was a reason I had wanted to bring a fly swatter, but had forgotten it at home. Didn't want to use a shoe: too messy. But then, I remembered I had some newspapers I hadn't recycled yet (thank God for procrastination!), so, I grabbed a section, ran back to the kitchen, carefully took aim and gave it a huge wallop, hoping that would be the end of it, but it catapulted into the sink and started crawling around. I don't even remember how many times I clobbered it, but the dang thing just kept picking itself up, trying to escape. So, I turned on the hot water hoping it would drown, but it just started swimming. I kept swatting at it in the water, but the roach defiantly refused to die. By now the paper was totally soaked, so I finally decided to smash it with my hand, on top of the paper needless to say. Even then, I had to do that about 3 times before it actually kicked the bucket.

I can't believe how long it took to kill that thing, and I almost feel sorry for it. The roachie really did put up a valiant fight. But, I refuse to feel guilty, after all, I did NOT invite it into my apartment.

I now have all 8 baits strategically placed. Most in my tiny kitchen. Overkill? Nah! I just don't fancy another encounter of the roach kind.


Anonymous said...

Yes, real world battle with a favorable body count. I hate roaches but not as much as rats. We live at the edge of a forest and each spring they come in looking for food. In the fall they look for a winter home.I keep a supply of roach traps strategically places around the house. Fun post. MUD

Blazing Cat Fur said...

Yikes, I hate roaches, more than rats even. Racoons are a huge problem in our city, and Deer of all things have made a comeback and are now found within city limits, out west (Vancouver) Coyotes have now adapted to city living. The worst pest now is the exploding rat population - the city instituted mandatory composting for households - very bad idea.

Incognito said...

they say that roaches will outlive us all, esp. if there is a nuclear attack. they can withstand radiation better than we can. and they've already shown uncanny resistance to pesticides.

rats are pretty disgusting too, MUD! I don't envy you at all.

And that's interesting, BCF. About the composting. Guess Canada is pretty green, eh? Had no idea. Do you get roaches in Canada. Don't remember them being much of a problem when I lived in Minnesota.

peddlinshutterbug said...

ew ew ew!!! that is all i can say!!! one and a half inch cockroach! YIKES! The stuff of nightmares.... I have a whole new admiration for you!! The visual of a person standing a little kitchen smacking at a cockroach with a wet newspaper!! You deserve a medal!

Papa J said...

Ahhhhh... Country living. I would much rather live with house flies and mosquitos than brown little creepy crawlies. Please feel no pity for it. You were only helping the species to adapt by natural selection.

Blazing Cat Fur said...

We get roaches, no question, not the big hissing kind though - we also have to contend with Mosquito's and west nile virus now.

Incognito said...

Yeah, Peddlin it was pretty gross. Of course, am now extra vigilant.. looking into every corner etc.

Country Living for MUD, Papa J, cos I'm in the city. Then again, seeing only one, once in a while, is tolerable. I have been housed in several different places, over the years, that were infested with roaches and even bottles of Boric acid did nothing to stop them from sharing my space. Major ick.

Mosquitos are pretty icky too, BCF, esp when they love you.. which they do me. didn't think you got roaches up in those parts. I remember other ick things in Mpls.. like those millepedes... yuck.

Billy T. Johnson said...

You have inspired me to link your blog.