Sunday, April 08, 2007

Eating with niqab- the indignity of it all

I'm not sure whether this is for real or not, but it does make one ponder: How do they eat under those tents?!


Blazing Cat Fur said...

Ewwwwwwwwwww... I hope this was faked.

By The way Terry Glavin has a terrific piece up on the re-write of Handels Samson as a Jewish Suicide Bomber, The article is in the Tyee here -

Chad Dukes said...

I'm sure thats how God intended us it live!

It definetly comes from a wierd website. If you want to see something scary check out the video that they have on Pelican Day Prison....yikes!

Chad Dukes said...

Forgive my poor spelling!

Incognito said...

Me too, BCF! It probably is, but still and all. It does make one wonder how they eat in public.
Thanks for the heads up on the Glavin article. Will check it ou. I had read about the Samson controversy, somewhere during my reading travels, but figured one of you guys from up north would tackle it. :-)

I know, Chad, I checked the website out, as well, and that's why I figured it might be staged. It definitely *is* a somewhat questionable site.
As for spelling... I'm lost without spell check. And too bad the comment section doesn't have one!

Anonymous said...

It is a fake!

Incognito said...

I figured it might be staged, considering the source of the video etc. However, in my travels throughout the web, I have read on various Islamic sites that it is incredibly difficult to eat in the Niqab because they have to lift the veil without being seen. In fact, some of the more progressive sites discourage the use of the Niqab. So, although this might be staged, it is probably a very good simulation of how they *do* eat.

Anonymous said...

There are a number of styles of niqab. One is the "Syrian" style which is what one of these women is wearing. Or, there is a half niqab which is typically just a single layer that is places just below the eyes, and tied up behind the head. There is also the full niqab, the most basic is a single layer consisting of 2 pieces sewn together in such a way to allow a slit for the eyes. This style can also be a 2 or 3 layer, the 2nd and 3rd layers covering the eyes. Even the single layer can have a mesh pieces over the eyes, which may, or may not, be removable. The half or full niqab can come in various lengths. I wear a niqab anytime I am outside, mine is a (Saudi style) 3 layer full niqab with a removable mesh piece over my eyes. The bottom layer is 19" long and 17" wide, the 2nd layer is 28" long and 34" wide, the 3rd layer is 30" long and 35" wide. That is the one I have, the actual sizes of each layer can vary from model to model and make to make. I have seen some as big as 47" by 49" and yes, I mean inches, not centimeters. Since I have described the size of the one I wear, 30 by 35, I can now go on to how to eat. There are a few ways. If I can get a booth in a corner where the seat is facing a wall, like at one restaurant I go to, I just put the plate down on the seat, turn myself 90 degrees so I am sitting sideways, and all you can even hope to see is my back, then lift up my niqab and eat. Or at another restaurant I go to a lot I just sit in the back facing the wall. If neither of these options is available, that is where the size of my niqab is an advantage. I just leave the plate on the table in front of me, slip my hands under my niqab, then raise it up, move it over the plate, then bring it down around it, like a tent. I hold it up with my left hand, and my right hand is free to eat with. If it is finger food, I often take the glove off that hand, but since no one can see in, they won't see my hand. Some people notice that I will finish eating, but keep that hand under my niqab, you know why! Yes, I can get the glove on without removing it from underneath my veil. The hard thing is actually drinking with it...needless to say, I make use of straws a lot. When I have coffee at the coffee shop, I drink using a straw. It is just easier that way. I have also been asked "why black? why not white or pink or some other light color?" Well...not every coffee shop has lids that you can put a straw in, so you end up having an open top, would you rather spill coffee on a light color niqab, or a dark color niqab? (keeping in mind, the black niqab hides the stain a lot better then the light color ones do).