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The slip slidin' away of secular Islam and the Islamicization of the West:

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It has been happening so slowly, almost imperceptibly so, that what actually is occurring is difficult to perceive, at least by those unable to see the truth. People have become so caught up in the political correctness of the war on terror, and the anti-war rhetoric of what they categorize as an immoral and unjust conflict in Iraq and Afghanistan, that they've failed to notice that it goes far beyond simply fighting a bunch of terrorist insurgents (in some far off, Middle Eastern region of the world) who they believe are trying to defend their land from the evil U.S. imperialists. They are unwilling to admit, for fear of being labeled Islamaphobic or because they're just too blind or stupid to notice, that the fine line between terrorists and the conservative Muslim movement has become almost indistinguishable, these days. The extremists, terrorists and conservatives are now one and the same; or so it seems. And the moderates, though not that far-removed from extremist ideology themselves, are joining their ranks in alarming numbers. Since the 1970s when the energy crisis prompted the formation of OPEC, and the Ayatollah Khomeini returned to Persia (Iran ) to establish a fundamentalist Islamic state, there has been an Islamic resurgence, that no-one seems to want to acknowledge.

Prior to the 70s, when Islam remained the somewhat exclusive territory of the Middle East (and certain areas of the Far East), the repressive, intolerant, often violent nature of Islamic Law had very little direct affect on western society; and fortunately some of the countries in that region were (and still are) considered secular, or at least nominally so. However, many of those once secular governments are becoming progressively less so, with greater numbers of conservative Islamists being voted into office. And by whom? The Muslim citizens of those countries, themselves! So the blame for an increasingly fundamentalist Islamic Middle East can't necessarily be placed on the leaders of those lands, because the people are the ones electing those same leaders. Okay, so you make your own bed, you lie in it. If they choose an overwhelmingly Islamist government, then that's their right, right? If they want their lives strictly ruled by Sharia Law, and all it encompasses, that's their choice. I might think it barbaric and backwards, but who am I to judge? As long as all that fundamentalism remains in that area, I have no problem with that. But, with the large influx of Muslim immigrants into Europe and elsewhere, and their unwillingness to integrate into western society, Islamism is being foisted upon the rest of the world, and that I have a problem with. Many people scoff at the idea of a 'clash of cultures or civilizations', but that's exactly where we are headed.

Indonesia, once predominately influenced by Hindu and Buddhist theology, now boasts the world's largest Muslim population. Of the over 220 million people that inhabit the islands of Indonesia, approximately 85 % or 194 million are Muslim, 11% are Christian with 2% Hindu, 1% Buddhist and 1% Other. And though once secular, Indonesia is quickly being overrun by the conservative Muslim movement, and the secular government is hanging on by a very short thread.

While the country's secular president, Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono, may be tough on terrorists, there is little he can do to stop the Islamists from gaining political ground. The winner of the struggle between proponents of a secular state and radical imams calling for a theocracy stands to capture a valuable prize -- one of the world's most strategically important countries. All major shipping routes connecting Europe and East Asia pass through the waters off this island nation. It is precisely here, in this archipelago between the Straits of Malacca and the Celebes Sea, that a new front in the battle of cultures is emerging.
The province of Aceh, in the northwestern tip of Indonesia, has been ruled under Sharia Law since 2001. Conservatism is spreading throughout Indonesia and there seems to be an almost fatalistic attitude amongst the non-religious Muslims there. Izabel Jahja, 30, editor of a magazine entitled A-Plus, at a party of trendsetters, toasted with the following: "Let's enjoy life, as long as our country continues to allow it. We are on the brink of a comprehensive Islamicization of Indonesia." A strict anti-pornography law has been debated in parliament for months. One would think, at first glance, nothing wrong with that. But if the law passes, it will ban not only X-rated films and books, but parties with alcohol, along with kissing in public. 'Lascivious clothing' would be punishable by law. And what would be their definition of 'lascivious'? Anything less than a Chador or Abaya? Again, nothing wrong with a little modesty, but dictated by government, and prison time for immodest clothing? I think not. Apparently, it would also spell the end for the Arts: Theater, films, art and music would no longer be allowed.

And it's not just the poor, ignorant disenfranchised of the world that are flocking to fundamentalist Islam, it is also the educated, middle class. And it's now no longer in predominately Islamic countries that this is occurring. It's happening in almost every country in the world that has a large Muslim population, particularly in Europe.

Islamicization of the western world starts by continuously caving in to their demands, by placating them, by censoring ourselves, by becoming so afraid of offending that we start removing certain historical references like the Holocaust or the Crusades from history lessons in British Schools (see post at Blazing Cat Fur), or changing the Three Little Pigs, to Three Little Puppies. Why a Church school would change the name to 'Puppies' is beyond me, considering they abhor dogs as much as they do pigs. But the more we do this, the more empowered they become, because they know that westerners will do anything to avoid the violence that has become part and parcel of their religion.

Alarmist, maybe. Realist, definitely! At least I will be prepared.


MUD said...

Our friends in Morocco were looking for a pet and when they chose a cat the neighbor thanked them for not getting a dog. Dogs are not allowed in homes and are just above pigs.
I love your work but I too fear having anything forced on me in any form. Protest when they come for the Jews, Protest when they come for the homosexuals, Protest when they come for the Christians, Because they will finall get around to you. MUD

Papa J said...

You know, its hard to let go of that PC alarm. But I can definitely see your point.

It all goes back to my mantra. Leave my rights alone and I'll leave yours alone.

blog biter said...

you have got no sense. you represent the other half of the so-called PC debate, and yet you're deeply offended by the debate. i also think you need a better adjective than 'islamicization.' perhaps this 'west' you speak of is merely trying to come to terms (albeit in haste) with the paradox and simplicity of 'civilization,' a glorious and historic buzzword its leaders have been all too proud to spread superficially across the globe. hence, the self-satisfaction of islamic lobbyists is the mere inversion of an imperialist let-down whose accompaniment is the crass 'individualism' that ironically i find supported and loathed in your blog.

Incognito said...

Interesting MUD. But, as they are living in Morocco, they do as the Moroccans do. Wonder what would have happened had they brought home a dog. Are they even available over there? I wonder. And yes, I hope we can get enough people to protest when they do.

And I'm right there with you Papa J.! Don't try to force your beliefs on me and I will do likewise. But that's not how it is with Islam today, unfortunately. And I know, I am PC with certain subjects, but not when it comes to this. Can't be.

Well, Blogbiter. What can I say. I choose not to hide my head in the proverbial sand, no pun intended. I'm not offended by the PC, I just think it is truly foolish and dangerous to appease, anyone. I'm not the one who coined Islamicization, and I stand by it. As for the 2nd half of your comment, sorry but it's way too obscure for my little pea-brain to comprehend. so can't respond. sorry. but thanks for your comment.

Blazing Cat Fur said...

You know I suspect that Dinesh D'Souza is right, the cultural left is to blame for 9/11 and the hatred of America held by many in the world. He argues that traditional/religious societies are appalled at the immorality and secularized vision of America that the left has by word and deed promoted. These same societies could not be angry with classical American values. Foof for thought.

Blazing Cat Fur said...

Food not foof ,)

Panhandle Poet said...

I'm not a closet Republican and will admit that I voted for Jimmy Carter. I was naive and deceived! Drop by my blog sometime for a positive and conservative view of life. There are also numerous conservative links. I am happy to hear that there are a few actresses who are using their mind to really look at what is going on with Islam in this country. Thank you for your views.

Incognito said...

I'll agree, but only to a certain extent, BCF. I'll *agree* that in many ways western mores (not just the US, because progressive countries like Holland, Scandinavia, France etc. are far more 'morally liberal' than the U.S.) have degenerated into, oftentimes, a cesspool of depravity. So, given the fact that many European countries are *far* more secular and morally liberal than us, why were WE singled out? There's more to it than that. I think D'Souza's theory is too simplistic.

Furthermore, it doesn't give them the right to destroy our country simply because they find us morally depraved in comparison to their repressive, pre-historic vision of how one should conduct one's life.

I think they would hate us regardless. I think they hate us because they think of us as a superpower and representative of the West, as a whole. And Western values, regardless of how traditional they might be, are anathema to them.

ALways good to have foof... oops, food for thought. :-)

Incognito said...

Thank you for stopping by, Panhandle!

There aren't many of us but there are a few.

I will look forward to checking out your blog.

Anonymous said...

D'Souza is partly right, but I agree with incognito. Its a part of the issue but its not at the heart of it.

I think it does come down ultimately to one thing. And that thing is Israel. The U.S. support of Israel is the ultimate cause. I do think that the open divisions within our country, the popular culture/social issues, etc have helped to embolden the terrorists. But ultimately its because we stand in the way of muslim's retaking Jerusalem that we are so hated.

Thats my 2 cents.

Incognito said...

You're right Chad. We are the most vocal supporters of Israel. Bin Laden has said as much, has he not. The hate also is generated, in part, due to the fact that we have military personnel in that region and to them, particularly the Saudis is blasphemous to them.
It's kind of sad to think that there are no real solutions to the problem.

But, bottom line, the fact that they continue to murder each other, other Muslims,and not just westerners just proves that it is a hate-mongering religion with a culture of violence. They don't just hate the Israelis/Jews or the west, they hate each other.
How do you change that?

Anonymous said...

BTW, this is Chad....had to change my Profile...So, I'll be ODP which stands for Old Dead Presidents.

It is a sad and scary situation and that is what scares me about those who say that we should placate them and then stay out of thier region. All that means is that we will be less prepared the next time that they attack.

Incognito said...

Hey Chad /ODP... You're right... scares me too. I think people are just in denial. I suppose I like to see the best in everyone, but that can get you in trouble sometimes. And we *will* be totally unprepared if we continue on the track the democratic members of government and most of the world wants us to take. without a western presence in that region (other than Israel) it's going to just become even more radicalized and that would be death.

dm said...

appreciate your blog!DM

Incognito said...

thanks DM! Do you have a blog?