Friday, April 20, 2007

I know It's Hard to Believe But- by Edward L. Daley

Some interesting observations by Edward L. Daley of The Daley-Times Post. Most are very valid.

I Know It's Hard to Believe But...

There are some people in the United States of America who think that George W. Bush orchestrated the atrocities of 09/11/01

......and that Democrats are more responsible with our tax dollars than Republicans

......and that Rosie O'Donnell is a patriot

......and that suspected terrorists captured during armed conflict in a foreign country deserve the same habeas corpus rights as domestic criminal suspects

......and that tax increases actually promote economic growth

......and that spanking a child equates to abuse, but having sex with one doesn't

......and that the "mainstream" media is politically unbiased

......and that our country is an imperialist nation

......and that public education is generally superior to private education

......and that Israel is an aggressor nation, but Saddam Hussein's regime was completely innocent

......and that Islamic terrorists are really freedom fighters

......and that the United Nations is genuinely concerned with world peace

......and that racial intolerance is more common in this country today than it has ever been before

......and that Al Gore's movie 'An Inconvenient Truth' is an accurate, scientific depiction of global climatological trends

......and that worshiping God is a more objectionable practice than sodomy

......and that Marxism is a viable socio-political - and even economic - ideology

......and that Bill Clinton was impeached for having an affair

......and that the federal government is the benefactor of our individual rights

......and that calling a wealthy, left-wing, Hollywood actor a 'Limousine Liberal' is hateful, but calling a conservative black person an 'Uncle Tom' isn't

......and that cutting down trees is more egregious than piercing the heart or brain of an unborn baby with a sharp metal object.

Considering the wholly preposterous nature of these opinions, one has to wonder how many of the folks who've adopted them watch ABC's 'The View' on a regular basis.


Biby Cletus said...

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Panhandle Poet said...

That about sums it up!!

La Cuoca said...

Very interesting blog. Kiss kiss

MUD said...

Rosie is a Patriot, very stupid and misguided but she is doing the best she can. I am not sure that either side can stand up and say they are responsible with our dollars. The same people that claim bush orchestrated 9/11 are the same people that say he lied and fooled us all. Good luck on that one. Either he is a fool or he isn't. I vote for the side of him that is compassionate and loving and would never do anything that cost the life of an innocent victim. He will use soldiers to do their duty but that's the job. I can't figure out how private schoold can charge all they want and be better. For who? I substitute teach and anyone that thinks the kids aren't being taught the best we can is not payiing attention. Now, let us spank them little suckers when they misbehave or throw them out like the private schools and things would get better in no time. Society and the parents tie the hands of the educators and then cry foul. Marxism is a valid ideology, Communism is the side that is failing on the practical side. What's the "View"?

PJ said...

i personally would like to believe that republicans have made this country go to hell
it just gives me a good enough reason for all the confusion i see around me, not that i have anything against the republicans
i guess i would say the same things if the democrats were gunning down iraqis

Incognito said...

Thank you Biby, You are welcome any time.

Yeah it does, Panhandle.. sorta kinda.

You too LaCuoca.

Hey MUD. Suppose it depends on one's definition of Patriot. I think she is very anti-everything. Stupid and Misguided, I agree. I think the point of the dollars comment is that some people think only the Dems are.. which is a fallacy. I also agree about the school comment.
The View is the show that allows Rosie O'Donnell (and several others) to show off her stupidity. :-) It's in the a.m., I think. Have only watched part of it, maybe once.

Incognito said...

I guess that's what makes this a free world, PJ. This country is still one of the best in the world, because of its people.

And this *country* is fighting in Iraq, not *Republicans*... and as for gunning down Iraqis, they are doing more of that to themselves than we are.

Your Average Idiot said...

So this is where some of the 30% go.

I used to be a Republican when I was in the US Air Force. That's right, I'm not a chickhawk! This whole militarism is a ploy by weak-minded people who couldn't find a new path after the Cold War ended. We had finally stepped out from under the storm cloud of nuclear fear and the huge costs associated with it. We didn't redirect our efforts to prolonging the peace.

After WWII we helped build bridges between ourselves and our former enemies. In the short term it was a ridiculous amount of money to spend (on people that we really hated), but in the long term the peace dividend was enormous. That lesson of history is that reducing despair or desperation reduces the chance that people will resort to desperate measures. It also sought to remove the victimhood that was key to the rise of Fascism in Europe after WWI.

If we allowed Iraqis to continue working, in their cement factories for example, those would have never considered taking up arms against anyone. With the money we have spent in Iraq we could have bought them all tanks, but that would be ludicrous. We need a peace sending bill and not a war spending bill.

Incognito said...

30% of what, YA IDIOT (your name, not mine)? But I suppose I will have to wonder about it, because I doubt you will be back.

I would agree about the diplomacy issue, if we were dealing with civilzed people, but to be totally unPC, for the most part, we are not. You can't negotiate with extremists. If they are willing to bomb to pieces their own people (same religion!), do you HONESTLY think diplomacy would work? The Muslim mindset is totally different from that of the western world. And whether you believe it or not, there has been a re-birth of Islamic imperialism (that started in the 70s WAY before 9/11). They do have a desire to reestablish a Caliphate, so regardless of the amount of diplowanking you try, their end goal is to establish Islamism worldwide.. and perhaps you are a Muslim and therefore don't care.. but I do.

And not sure what you are referencing re. the cement factories, but I guess I will have to wonder about that, as well.