Monday, April 09, 2007

Execution buses- China's justice system at its best

This is an eye-opening video from Sky News about the 'execution buses' that China has established to facilitate the execution process for death penalty cases. Equipped with lethal injections, they are also set up for easier organ harvesting. As it turns out, China has a "booming organ transplant industry", and with the excessive amount of executions per year (ranging anywhere from 3,500 to 10,000 yearly) there are plenty of organs to be had. In fact, they are so plentiful, one can be arranged with just a few weeks notice. According to the Sky News report, there are more executions in China, per annum, than the rest of the world combined. So it begs the question, are the inordinate amount of executions a direct result of the demand for human body parts?

Unfortunately, as in this country, many people have been unjustly sentenced to death for crimes they did not commit. However, in the U.S., as a result of our slow judicial process, chances are those 'innocents' might eventually be released, as they have been in the past. Not so in China. They are often sentenced, without due process, and executed within a very short period of time. And so the Chinese government continues down the same rosy path.

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MUD said...

This is not to excuse the improper death of one person but, China has more English speaking people than the US. China has more gifted students than we have students. It should be no surprise that China executes more people than the rest of the world. Again the focus is on the rest of the world and I think we need a good dose of lets look at ourselves. If we continue to ship all our manufacturing jobs overseas soon we won't have the ability to produce things here. China pays their workers so little they can afford to undercut us, for now.
With gas nearing $3.00 a gallon here at home right now, will we be paying $4.00 by the end of summer?

Papa J said...

MUD - What? Its not a numbers game. On a per capita basis I'm sure China is still executing more than we are. Then, about free markets, yes they are painful but in the long run everyone benefits. The problem is just getting to the long run.

The really interesting thing about this article is that it was filmed at all. China has opened up its borders to the unescorted press as a pre-olympics promise. It is actually keeping that promise. I hope that more stories like the one you featured are circulated. They can really only do good in the end. Too late for the defence lawyer though.

Incognito said...

MUD: It's very admirable and very clever of the Chinese to make sure their people are educated and English-speaking. Poised as they are to become the next super-power. The Europeans are the same way, whilst we shun bi-lingual education most of the Europeans etc are totally bi and tri lingual. however it still doesn't excuse the fact that they execute more people than the whole world combined, and that it might very well have to do with the organ transplant industry. I find that despicable and very creepy. Horror movie-ish.
And I agree... about shipping our manufacturing overseas. We purchase everything from China, but as long as we American consumers want to buy things for as cheap as we can get, then that's what happens.

Incognito said...

Papa J,

They not only execute more than we do, they execute far more than the rest of the world put together, as the reporter stated.

And yes, great it was filmed at all, though I'm sure they had minders and spies all over the place tracking them.

And as you mention it's predicated on a pre-Olympic promise that also includes fixing their human rights problems, which they're obviously not complying with considering the lawyer was arrested. And what a depressing job to have, when 99.9% of your death sentence clients are condemned to death, through no fault of yours. Wonder what the suicide rate for defense lawyers is.

Blazing Cat Fur said...

Horrific, there are no other words. My hope is that free market trade will work to temper China. However I expect that things will get a lot worse there before they get better.

There are huge disparities between the urban and rural population, riots have become common and undereported. China's banking system is also a disaster waiting to happen- massive amounts of bad loans- akin to what befell Japan and Korea as a result of crony capitalism only magnitudes worse.

We will one day all be "Living in interesting times" as the Chinese saying goes.

Incognito said...

Me too, BCF. I hope you are right, but as long as they have a Communist leadership, not sure it will happen.
Had no idea about their banking system. Interesting.

Was reading about how under-served the rural pop. is and how they go to Beijing to fight endless battles over old grievances that usually never get resolved. Sad. As progressive as they are trying to be.

I think we already are 'living in interesting times'.
And don't you just love all their old proverbs. They were so advanced back in the day.

ODP said...

My father-in-law does business in China. He is there at least a week of every month. Per his description the Chinese embrace a free market much more openly than we do, and at a more literal level. I don't doubt that the demand for organs plays into the execution rate at all.

I wouldn't worry so much however about our manufacturing abilities going away. China is now demanding more goods than they can produce. Additionally, they outsource tremendous amount of contractors and consultants from the US.

ODP said...

BCF, the banking industry is actually what my father-in-law is over there trying to fix. Its true that the banking industry is very weak, but they are now outsourcing to american banks, and setting them up on the American model. I think that the banking industry will end up fine.

The biggest issue there seems to be that the Communists are going to have to decide whether they want to maintain control of the people, or whether they want to prosper economically.

That and the environment is being destroyed.

Incognito said...

Actually, I have a cousin who does business there as well,ODP, and I have never actually asked him about it. Will have to do that next time I see him.

That's interesting about their market economy. They're certainly very smart. And I still think poised to become the next super power. And what if they can maintain control of the people AND prosper economically? Is that not possible? Because that would be pretty darn scary.
They certainly maintain strict control over internet access there. I think my site has finally been banned there. Used to get dozens of hits from China, when I'd post something that mentioned China. And only then. The last few posts... nothing. AH well.