Saturday, November 10, 2007

The King to the Idiot-boy Chavez: "Why Don't You Shut Up!"

Hugo Chavez rarely disappoints! In his latest side-show appearance at the Latin American Summit in Santiago, Chile today, he continues to prove to the world at large (at least those bright enough to see it) that he's:

A. a decade short of a high school diploma
B. he's the walking personification of the DSM (the manual Psychologists and others use to diagnose mental disorders)
C. he's a major buffoon
D. all of the above.

In my opinion, the answer is: D.

But, whether he's officially diagnosable as nuts or not, he certainly exhibits many symptoms of several major personality disorders, some of which I have alluded to before, but I'm adding a new one to that list, after this latest episode: Histrionic Personality Disorder (HPD) . The definition of HPD is:

the affected individual displays an enduring pattern of attention-seeking and excessively dramatic behaviors beginning in early adulthood and present across a broad range of situations. Individuals with HPD are highly emotional, charming, energetic, manipulative, seductive, impulsive, erratic, and demanding.

Well, we can ditch the seductive part, but other than that, tell me he doesn't have HPD!

So, the leaders of Spain, Portugal and Latin America were all at the summit in Santiago, and Chavez at the closing session (in his typical boorish fashion), repeatedly called Jose Maria Aznar (the conservative, former Prime Minister of Spain) a "fascist", saying "Fascists are not human. A snake is more human." So, I guess that makes Chavez a snake, right? But I digress.

In response to the name-calling, the current socialist prime-minister of Spain, Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero launched into a dignified lesson on diplomacy, asking Chavez to respect other democratic leaders regardless of ideological differences, and emphasizing that Aznar "...was chosen by the Spanish people and I demand that respect." It obviously failed to resonate, because Chavez kept interrupting throughout, and although we don't hear what he says (his mic was turned off), we do hear King Juan Carlos of Spain heatedly interject "Por que no te callas!" (Why don't you shut up). Boy-child Hugo did eventually shut up, for a while, but in the end responded to Zapatero's speech by saying :

"I do not offend by telling the truth." "The Venezuelan government reserves the right to respond to any aggression, anywhere, in any space and in any manner."

As entertainment, Chavez rocks. As a leader he, well... you can fill in the blank.

For a good laugh (and to see Chavez's idiocy in action), watch the shortened version of Zapatero's admonishment along with the King's scolding . Or to view a longer version click here. Both are in Spanish.

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Kate said...

I don't know if he is clinically nuts, but bipolar? Absolutely.

Karen said...

You nailed him with this one, Incog. He is a dangerous buffoon. I love what the king of Spain did, too.

Pat Jenkins said...

some bad news for me reading this post.. i think i have hpd....

Debbie said...

Nice diagnosis. Whatever label fits him, he's dangerous to his neighbors, to the US and to the world. The good news is we know his people don't agree with him and some are beginning to fight back. Brave souls.

Dee said...

I pick D as well!! Great post!

I was wondering what your take was on the Writers strike. I posted about it today and thought you may be one of the few that agrees with me :-).

Incognito said...

KATE: He has to be something, because that is not normal behaviour.

KAREN: Actually, in spite of Zapatero being a socialist I thought his reprimand was fab.

PATJ: My condolences to your wife! ;-)

DEBBIE: I think he has multiple disorders, Deb.. but then again I'm not a psych, though my sister is and she seems to concur. Some, unfortunately do, but hopefully the others can do something about him.

DEE: Thanks D. Still think he's a narcissist as well.

Renegade Eye said...

Funny an unelected monarch badmouthing an elected president.

Jose Maria Aznar an old Franco supporter, supported the 2002 illegal coup against Chavez, where the Supreme Court, parliment etc were going to be abolished. A real democrat.

Pat Jenkins said...

i will pass along your sympathies incog. she will be happy to commiserate with you at any time....

TWR said...

Maybe just hyperactivity spawned by over-caffeination...Chavez drinks something like 30 espressos a day or more...

Anonymous said...

Ok look people, I am a Venezuelan and personally I do not agree with what Chavez is doing. I currently live in Venezuela and things are getting really messy around here with the things about the new constitucion,but many of the things you Americans watch in the news is only one side of the story. Chavez had no right to say that about Aznar interupting Zapatero. But you guys have no right at all to call him Clinically ill. He has done many good things in this country but many of these ideas he takes to an extreme which is just not right. But please.. if you people ever get a chance to come here you will see that its not all bad. The opposition here is mainly Higher Middle Class and Upper Class... if you have ever been to high school u+yourself ought to know the difference of Greasers and Socials, its the same here Socials(opposition) tend to be overly emotional and exxagerate things and are total drama queens while Greasers(not opposition) Just have to deal with the harder parts in life and Chavez is making it easier for them but not for the Higher Class and typically news papers or whatever only cover one side of the story.. it truly does take a knowledgeable person to observe that.. not just go along with everything you here cuz that is mighty stupid if u ask me.. so before you people say anything just take a minute to read somthing from the pro chavez side and then post ur opinions...

SnoopyTheGoon said...

And now he seems to be hell-bent to starve his people too:,,2210473,00.html

Nice guy all around.

Panhandle Poet said...

I think the real story is King Juan Carlos. Do you suppose he would be willing to run on the Republican ticket for President? -- oh, I forget -- you have to be born here.

Incognito said...

REN: That still doesn't excuse Chavez and his churlish behaviour.

PATJ: :-)

TWR: Oh great.. just what someone like Chavez needs...

ANON: Well, you sound like a Chavista to me, Anon. I feel terribly sorry for all the people in venezuela, because you are going to be no better off than the poor Cubans or the Burmese people, or any other country ruled by dictators who take a once thriving country and thrust it into poverty.

I personally know people who live there and it is bad. So, amigo, don't think you can fool me.
Many great things like hob nob with celebrities... spend tons of money on foreign interests trying to biy their support. {Promising to spend millions on making movies. Shooting at students who oppose him.

We only hear one side of the story? With Chavez owning the media now, we hear his side of the story.

And I actually have the right to say anything I want to, because this, unlike Venezuala, is a free country.

Incognito said...

SNOOPY: Thanks for the heads up, will check it out now. I need one of my socialist bloggie friends to tell me why he is still admired. Advent?

PAN: Not sure we'd want him.. but I wouldn't mind Sarkozy! :-)