Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Al Gore's "Recount" 2000 Sob Story to Shoot in Jacksonville

So, not only does big 'ol Al (Gore that is) win an Oscar for his sham of a film "An Inconvenient Truth", he also receives (undeservedly so) the Nobel Peace prize for his Global Warming scare-mongering tactics. The Peace prize, mind you, for a subject that has the scientific community and the rest of the world at odds. And now, he can add one more thing to his list of accolades -- something else to further stroke his ever-expanding ego. Yes indeedy, HBO is actually set to shoot a film in Florida about big 'ol Al Gore's "stolen presidency."

Directed by Kevin Pollack and starring Kevin Spacey and Laura Dern (as Katherine Harris), "Recount" will explore the aftermath of election 2000 and the highly criticized recount. Colin Callendar, HBO Films Prez said "
It's a very compelling piece that takes a well-known event and deconstructs it from the point of view of the people involved."

Claiming it doesn't take sides Callendar said :
"It's a fascinating look at democracy where the rubber meets the road -- a look at the election process like we have never seen it before."

Doesn't take sides, eh? Hmmm. An event that polarized the American people, half of whom still firmly believe the election was outright stolen? Produced by a bunch of liberal, Hollywood-types who have donated generously to various elected officials who happen to be members of the Democratic Party? I sincerely doubt that. I'd like to say I'll wait to make judgement until it's released in the Spring of 2008, but I have no intention of watching it. Not because of its potentially liberal, biased political agenda, but because it sounds like a bore of a film, like Gore himself. What makes HBO think anyone will be interested in watching several hours worth of hanging chads and butterfly ballots? Snooze. Well, maybe the Dems and Gore and co. will enjoy watching it. You know, a collective fetch-the-Kleenex-box sob-fest. No thank you! I have better things to do with my time.

But I do find it terribly interesting that they decided, 7 years after the fact, to shoot and air this film during an election year. Trying to show American voters how evil the Republicans are?

Good timing HBO.


Anonymous said...

i'm not sure how, but i stumbled upon your ill-informed blog just now. i feel compelled to leave a comment so that if you have any other readers they will at least have the chance to hear another side. i happen to have read the RECOUNT script and it is in no way, as you suggest, slanted toward the democrats. in fact, it is a balanced, beautifully written story of human beings caught under the sudden spotlight of the world media and how they handle the pressure. it's not a political ad. in fact, after reading, i have NO clue as to the screenwriter's party affiliation. both sides are represented equally and it's really not about partisan politics. it's about the absurd situation these people were in...and, by 'these people', i do not mean bush and gore. i mean the local floridians who made history. yes, katherine harris is portrayed, but even she is shown as a woman who is conflicted, scared, and ultimately proud. it's a good movie. such a shame you have jumped to a most wrong conclusion, seemingly based on the subject matter.

Incognito said...

Wow, Anonymous, that was quick. I just posted this.

But maybe I can illuminate you on how you "stumbled" upon my ill-informed blog.. it's called someone emailed you. I have statcounter so I can tell how people stumble upon my blog, or not. And you linked to this post throu aol. Seeing as you are located in L.A. I am going to assume you are probably involved with the production somehow, given you have read the script.

So, ill -informed possibly. Now did I actually state it's slanted towards the Democratic POV. No. I simply stated given certain circumstances I *doubted* it was an unbiased account. But I thank you for enlightening me as to it's true content. Now I am compelled to watch it, to see for myself. I hope that's the truth, but it still makes for a monumentally boring subject matter. Yawn.

Furthermore, we all know (at least those of us in the entertainment industry) how drastically things can change from script to screen.. so I guess we shall see.

Thanks for your comment.

Karen said...

HBO, the gift to the libs that keeps on giving. Kevin Spacey as the lead? What a surprise, huh. Was Hugo Chavez too busy to play with him?

Of course they are doing it as the election grows near. Otherwise, who'd even give it a look. Sooner or later the Bush deranged will have to just 'move on'!

Reliapundit said...








WomanHonorThyself said...

lol..good Law Incog...good work!

MUD said...

The real truth is that for the most part voters just aren't informed or caring enough to get out and vote. The split was 51 to 48 of the voters that actually voted. If the true number of people eligible to vote got out and voted stealing an election would have meaning. AS IT WAS, A MAJORITY OF A MINORITY ELECTED THE LAST PRESIDENT AND WILL DO SO NEXT TIME. mud

Anonymous said...

hey, it's me, anonymous again. thank you for putting me in my place regarding how i stumbled upon you. now, if i may, i'll return the favor. yes, i linked through aol. however, no one emailed me and i am not in anyway involved in the production of RECOUNT. i am actually doing some research and have several google alerts with keywords that link me to an innumberable amount of sites. i suppose your blog contained some of those words and, as i was clicking through, i found you.

i was allowed to read the script as a part of my research on elections and their effect on the cultural climate in the country. again, i want to assure you that the film is neither biased nor boring. i found it to be one of the more compelling works i've read during a seemingly endless, and quite often mind-numbing, period of work. i would only encourage you to not throw the baby out with the bathwater here. this film is worth a look. i can see no reason why they would make any changes from script to screen. the writer delivered and terrific piece and i bet even you, a closet republican, will find it interesting.

that's it.

Pat Jenkins said...

well incog good to know you are read by those of "influence"!!!! (mr anonymous) your are right this "timely" release is an attempt to stir the whacko masses. as if they needed any reason!!!!

Anonymous said...

...or the 'timely' release is less about influencing voters and more about capitalizing on viewership. with all the inherent hype of an election year, what better time for a network to air a film. it's built in promotion. maybe the world is just not as evil as you'd like it to be, pat.

Incognito said...

KAREN: Actually, HBO has aired some interesting programmes, but on the whole I'd have to agree with you. Well, the Bushe-deranged will be forced to move on when he's out in 2008.. or not. They'll probably still find things to blame him for.

RELIAPUNDIT: I also tend to remember that the military voted weren't counted, and they traditionally vote republican. Anyway...frankly, who cares.. but I guess enough people do. Sigh.

Thanks ANGEL.

MUD: You're probably right.. though perhaps this time around there's too much at stake.

PATJ: Doubt it's people of influence... but I did get a link on Irony of it is that it's a site for people who want Gire for Prez in 2008. Heh. and HBO popped around.

Pat Jenkins said...

anonymous i would believe most do not want the fiasco of 2000 drudged up again.... and those who do are the ones who think the election was stolen from them. so to say this film, though not admitted, is not aimed at this group is a bit naive....

Incognito said...

Hello ANON! You get a response all to yourself. :-)

Usually those who post anonymously don't come back. Glad to see you did.

First of all, just fyi.. never assume you can surf the net totally anonymously, well there's probably some software.. but... this is what I know.. your ISP originates at Coquette Productions.. (which is Courtney Cox/David Arquette's production company. Not sure why someone there would be researching elections.. but none of my business. Scary, huh.

I don't mind differing points of view but I hate people trying to pull the wool over my eyes.. hence my research on your origins. Gotta love google and IMDB. And yes, I have a google alert, as well. And some people don't even allow anonymous comments.. but...

Interesting... elections and culture? Hmm.

Again, the subject matter, in my humble opinion, sounds like a crashing bore... but I will suffer through it only because you have issued a challenge. I hope you'll come back for a review after it airs. I still can't imagine how a film based on those events could not be biased, in some way, but we shall see.

As for your comment to Pat. Not sure which is worse.. trying to negatively influence voters, as some of us believe, or attempting to capitalize on viewers- which just confirms Hollywood's love affair with the bottom line.

And sadly, Anon, there is evil in this world, and being in denial about that doesn't make it go away.

Thank you for your comments.

Debbie said...

Interesting comments you've got, Incognito. I don't think anybody really wants to rehash this again. Some people can't get over it and they can't move on. Live for the future people, you can't change the past. It sounds boring to me.

Dee said...

This just makes me so ill!! I am so sick of Al Gore's fat face. You would think he is a saint the way everyone is portraying him--gag!!!!!!

Yet another movie like the latest Robert Redford one that I won't be seeing.

Incognito said...

DEBBIE: Yup.. you never quite know...I guess enough people do want to rehash it cos they got it financed... It *is* pathetic how some can't move on, though. There are so many great movies that need to get made and they can't get the financing... I still believe it's politcally motivated.. even if the story itself isn't, as our friend anon claims, it will still bring up memories, which is stoking the fires again. Smacks of politics to me.

DEE: Me too.. but there are people out there begging him to run. Guess he doesn't have much time left to announce his candidacy, if he indeed decides to. Actually I read about a slew of redford-type movies coming out soon. If that isn't a great political move by liberal Hollywood.