Monday, November 19, 2007

Monday Meme-ing, Plus Photo of Frasypoo and Incog!

Okay... I was just tagged for 2 different meme's, so I thought I'd kill 2 birds, as they say, and post them at the same time. Still not sure what it means exactly, other than having done one of these before (thank you Angel).

1st Meme:

Jon (a fabulous photographer, poet, writer, musician, and all round great person) over at Chimeric Day Dreams tagged me for a "Photo Meme". As I love photography I wasn't too miffed about being meme'd for that.
The object of the meme is to post four or more photos of things you see within 100 meters of your home. For those of us still using standard units, that would be about 328 feet and 1 inch. The PhotoShow - 100 meters meme was started by Andy Bailey with the assistance of Vegan Momma and Lalla-Mira.
I was excited, at first, until I walked out my front door and realized that, in these here parts, this time of year is pretty dang boring. No autumn colours, just the same greens we see pretty much year round. Most of the flowers are dead, too, so there were slim pickens. But I managed to rustle up a few:

We have your generic, boring red hibiscus flower. A star fruit tree with one dangling fruit. You have to look carefully, in the centre of the pic, as it blends in perfectly. Then we have a photograph of some kind of ferny tree, with the moon and a generic blue sky background. And, finally, your generic fern. Sorry, Jon, but there just wasn't much of interest to photograph this weekend.

2nd Meme:

The witty and clever, illustrious Angel, over at Woman Honor Thyself tagged me for the "8 Random Things Meme". Last one I posted was the "7 Random Things Meme". Guess they added one since I last participated. So, hmmmm. Let's see. What 8 new boring things can I reveal about myself.
1. I love ethnic food, particularly Indian and Japanese.
2. My first car was a VW bug. A major lemon, like it's colour.
3. I love small animals like cats and chihuahuas, though I don't currently have any.
4. I suffered terribly with depression, from childhood through my 30s.
5. I don't sleep well.
6. I used to smoke over 3 packs of cigarettes a day.
7. I wear contact lenses.
8. I love jazz

So that's it folks. Now you know 15 random things about me.

And, as an added bonus, for those of you who have been dying to know what I look like- I'm posting a photo of Frasypoo from This and That and me! Yes, I had the great pleasure of meeting my first blogging buddy (and her hubby), recently, and she's just as charming and funny in person. We spent a lovely afternoon over a cup of tea and coffee. And... ta da... here we are in her hubby's shop:

What? Did you really think I'd post my face? Sorry. Maybe some day.

I'm not going to tag anyone for the memes, because most have probably done the random thingy one, and I'm not sure who has a camera or is even interested... .but, if you are, let me know and I'll be very happy to add you as a tagee to this post. You are welcome to do both or one or post it in the comments.

Happy Monday!


Adonis said...

Jeez, you're quite fat for an actress!

Frasypoo said...

Nasty person.....adonis!probably has the monday morning blues.Though how do you know who is who ?

Good post Incog

Incognito said...

ADONIS: Ha! Love the name you picked this time, Troika/Lambent etal!!. Figured this would draw you out of the sewer. Not all actors are anorexic, lad, we come in all shapes and sizes. I'm actually considered average size.

FRASYPOO: Well, what do you expect from guess who? It's not monday morning blues, it's just his typical miserable way of being. Can you imagine being him? Sad. And I doubt he's a vision of loveliness.

Pat Jenkins said...

well incog you may be disappointed with your pics, (which i do not hold too) but at least you have enough warmth to have blooms. i never would have pegged you for a smoker. let alone three packs a day. would not be a cheap habit today.. i am with you on the jazz... and i asked poo if you helped her with her recent job of cleaning her husbands shop, and by the looks of your dress no cleaning got done.... just catty conversation....ha ha!!!!

74WIXYgrad said...

Yeah, I'm disappointed somewhat, but I understand why no faces were used. I am honest about myself since the internet is notarious for middle aged men posing as stalkers. So I come forward as a middleaged, gray headed, overweight grandfather.

But I also know about folks who like to interract with others, but can't afford to be as frank as myself and I respect that.

MondaythroughSunday said...

Love the

Incognito said...

PATJ: Yeah, indeed we do.. but warmth 52 weeks of the year can get oppressive. Yup.. 3 plus.. plus tons of coffee. Gave that up too. Actually was wearing loose pants.. but I'd have been happy to help.. :-)

74WIXY: I would be open too if it weren't for my career. can't risk someone in my industry stumbling on to my blog and figuring out who I am. Some day I won't care.. and I'll have no problems posting my head, as well. :-)

MONDAY: :-) Poo's hubby kindly obliged.

Frasypoo said...

Hi Incog,
I was going to say that Troika/Richard etc is very distinct...he is a breed apart.You can recognise him anytime he comments!!

WomanHonorThyself said...

haha silly girl..nice pics!..ty for doin the meme..wasnt sure if ya saw it and sorry bout the tag!..but I wanted to be a good sport..heh!

74WIXYgrad said...


I have posted two pics of myself on my WIXY blog this evening, which proves two things.

1)I'm not bashful.

2)They make disposable cameras to endure abuse.

Dee said...

I love reading and doing meme's. Thanks for sharing!!

American Interests said...

incog, it's almost that time, I am making the rounds to say Happy Thanksgiving!

Katherine and Pippa, said...

I've come from Frasy's blog and I wanted to say I love the flower photos. Hibiscus is never boring.


Frasypoo said...

Hi Incog
My inlaws travel a lot on their bikes,they love it.We go shorter distances like Florida not longer than that!!!

Memphis Steve said...

What the? Headless bloggers!!!

Incognito said...

FRASY: Yup.. I can always tell a Troika/Lambent (forgot about Richard) and all his other akas comment.

WOMAN: Thanks Angel.. and no problem... always willing to oblige, albeit begrudgingly at times.. :-)

74WIXY: Heh... stopped over, but you can hardly see you guys... ocean looks yummy.

DEE: I do like to read other people's memes as well.

KATHand Pip: Thank you so much. I love flowers.. but we have so many hibiscus here they get a tad boring.

FRASY: Oh wait... motorbikes!!... heh.. I forgot.. I thought it was a bicycle... was picturing y'all pedaling away.... phew.

Incognito said...

AI: Thank you, you too...

MEMPHIS STEVE: Heh.. headless bloggers... at least you didn't say you're all body but no brain.

WomanHonorThyself said...

Happy Thanksgiving my friend!..gobble gooble..heh!:)enjoy the tofu!

jon said...

I wish you would have deleted that jerk's comment. It really brought me down.

Thanks for participating in the Meme! I'm so happy to see your photos! :D Great photographs. :)

Adonis said...

You're right, Frasypoo, she does have a good nose for me.

"Average size" has a whole different meaning over there in the States.

Incognito said...

WOMAN: Thank you!! You too, Angel.

JON: Oh, I'm sorry Jon, but I never take offense to anything the "jerk" says.. he's a little like chavez.. an idiot-child. He's been hanging around here, for some odd reason, longer than anyone else who comes around. Lurked for a while after I banned him... but, now he appears every once in a while with some pithy comment. He just makes me laugh... particularly with the monkers he chooses..

ADONIS: I've told you a zillion times how I can tell, other than your deliberate, pissy jabs. But can't be bothered to enlighten you further.
Could care less what "average" size means in your parts, lad.

defiant_infidel said...

Incognito, your pictures are excellent. I particularly am fond of the upward shot including the half moon... very well done.

I have read your comments with interest at Angel's and other locations but this is the first time I have visited your place. I have actresses in my family out on the Left Coast (LA) but they are all of the typical trade stripe politically, thus they don't have to consider your circumstances due to political view. But I understand completely.

I am, of course, perplexed by your gun control views, but think that we might have an interesting and likely civilized, enjoyable exchange about our differences in this vein if you were ever so inclined.

Hope you and yours had a wonderful Thanksgiving... Be well!

Incognito said...

Well, Thank you D.I! I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving as well!

As for the Gun Control issue... my profile states "tendency" because I am conflicted about this issue. On the one hand, I can relate to those who believe they have a right to own a weapon, however I also see how dangerous owning one can be. In the hands of the wrong people.. and not just criminals, it can be deadly. I have been meaning to write a post on this some day, after I was booted off a conservative blogroll because I have that statement in my profile. But in the meantime, I would welcome any discussion.
Unlike some people, if you present a cogent argument I am convinceable.

defiant_infidel said...

Good Morning, Incognito (finally a "good morning" as I am just over a two day bout with being suddenly and wretchedly sick... I feel like I have been beaten with hammers). Thank you for your reply and visit to my site.

'Owning a firearm' and 'dangerous' coincide when the owner is ignorant and/or careless. I was thinking about this on Saturday during the last day of deer season as I sat in my treestand. I had been wondering how you would receive my remarks and how I would make my best attempt to present my views to you.

I got to thinking about 'gun accidents' (which I tend to categorize more as 'avoidable mistakes'). I suddenly realized that not only have I never had one, neither has anyone in my family. In fact, of all the shooter friends I have known in my lifetime, I have never been told of any accidental shootings or discharges. Of course, the question "why?" only naturally follows.

I believe among the most significant reasons are the seriousness, importance and gravity of the universal gun owner "rules" that are religiously passed from one to another, right from the beginning. Guns are not play toys. I was never allowed to have toy guns as a child. Some of my friends were, but they received immediate punishment and revocation of their 'toys' if they were caught pointing them at another or a similar infraction that would apply had the toy been real. In essence, these toys were used to teach proper firearm handling without the risk, so to speak. My folks only taught with the real item and only under immediate adult supervision. Period. We were made to understand, from the start, that one infraction would close the 'opportunity to the book' forever. It was never construed as a joke.

Cars, ladders, baseball bats and knives can also kill when used irresponsibly. In fact, we can kill with our hands. Training and discipline are required to avoid potential death. That does not mean we paint them with the broad brush of death only because they can contribute to delivering it during careless antics.

Firearms are mechanical devices. No personality or life within them. They are operated by humans. Humans screw up sometimes, and while not being an excuse, they can become a reason for an accident. But just like we do not chastise and condemn cars because they can contribute to death in foolish or inexperienced human hands, it would be wrong as well to do so with firearms. We do recognize all the good that can come with other potentially dangerous use items and it is true of firearms, too. In trained hands, they can represent the difference between saving innocent lives from a merciless aggressor or losing them.

May I defer to an outstanding piece of writing that a good (quite young, too!) friend composed about the firearm question. I don't know if you will agree, but the clarity and reasoning in his post has long since affected me and I find myself routinely referring others to it. I hope you enjoy it.

And I also hope that you would render me your views on this sometime. I really applaud and appreciate your willingness to listen. Thank you for considering the question and allowing me to respond.

Very best to you... :)

Incognito said...

Hey DI... Hope you are feeling better. Too much feasting?

Thank you for all the points you made... I read the young man's piece, as well, and also found it well stated. However, am still not convinced. It's not the accidents or the hard core criminals I think about when I talk about my "tendency" to be pro GC. It's the daily newspaper stories about the ordinary person who shoots his mother, wife, children whomever. You have a greater chance of escaping with your life from someone wielding a knife than a gun.

I'll never forget when a young 13-year-old honor student (who had been sent home on the last day of school for throwing water balloons and was refused re-entrance) returned home grabbed a gun, went back to his school and shot his teacher dead. had that child not had a gun at home, the teacher would still be alive.

I agree with gun education the potential for harm is lessened, but it happens all the time.

I'm not advocating not allowing people to own guns, I just think it shouldn't be so easy to acquire one, and that there should be mandatory classes and education. And frankly, an ordinary citizen has no place owning an assault weapon.

defiant_infidel said...

Hi, Incognito! It appears to have been a week long stomach virus. Tough week!

"It's the daily newspaper stories about the ordinary person who shoots his mother, wife, children whomever."

I will submit to you that the folks writing these articles almost always have an agenda, and therefore a focus. A quick look into a given author's history via search is often enlightening. There are also stories of crime and would be aggressors being thwarted daily with firearms, but they are published with much greater reluctance and much less conspicuously. Those incidents far outnumber the high profile, agenda driven ones, yet they are often un-reported completely... Nobody dies?? What's the "news"?

Besides, how do incidents of some people doing stupid things with firearms bear against your right/choice to own and/or carry without the government's intrusion or you being on a "list" somewhere? People will continue to do stupid things regardless... and they do. Laws have no effect on those with criminal intent.

You wouldn't act this way, nor do other responsible firearms owners. (Gun owners constitute a group of the most intelligent, safety conscious, responsible and pleasant people you can encounter. They are also universally eager to share their knowledge.)

You're not stupid and would not be careless like that, anymore than you are careless with any other potentially dangerous items if foolishly handled.

"You have a greater chance of escaping with your life from someone wielding a knife than a gun."

Which is precisely why you also deserve the option of an equalizing gun. And, sometimes very unfortunately, 'escape' is not an option. I do not wish to die as an innocent, but unarmed, victim of any one of the many murderous thugs that exist in our world everywhere. I want my chance, and I want my friends and family and neighbors and fellow decent mankind to have that chance, too, if they so choose.

We, the armed society, do not seek aggression nor do we wish for malice. We simply wish to be able to defend against it.

"...had that child not had a gun at home, the teacher would still be alive."

How did that child get that gun? Illegally? What does that have to do with law abiding citizens having the right to have firearms? If he got it from parents, then the parents made the mistake... not you or me. The parents and their mistake should be held accountable, not the tool of implementation. Would you feel the same if the child had gone home and stolen his mother's car to run over the teacher after school? Would the teacher have been less dead?

"I just think it shouldn't be so easy to acquire one, and that there should be mandatory classes and education."

Again, people with lawful intentions do not buy guns illegally... criminals do. Bureaucratic hoops and hurdles only impose upon a lawful citizen's guaranteed right to keep and bear arms... something for which the reasons are well established and recorded. Gun owners endorse and seek out further firearms education constantly. We are an avidly motivated group of information/training seekers.

"an ordinary citizen has no place owning an assault weapon.

I disagree, but I have to wonder if you can define that phrase since you point to it with such conviction. May I respectfully ask if you understand the distinct difference?

I look forward to discussing this further with you and greatly appreciate your willingness to do so with such civility. That is very hard to find anymore!

BTW, you might enjoy watching the John Stossel video I just posted at my place... Best to you! :)