Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Cuba Solidarity Day, May 21st

Although it might seem that there is change brewing in Cuba, since Fidel's brother Raul Castro has taken over the mantle of chief honcho, don't be deceived.

Like China, Raul is trying to liberalize the economy, but the oppressive political system remains the same. The political prisoners remain incarcerated, the internet still remains out of the purview of the common man, people still are not allowed to travel freely outside the country.

People still earn wages ranging from $6.00 per month for unskilled workers to $20.00 for university-trained professionals, including lawyers and doctors. So, in spite of the fact Cuba has lifted a ban on cell phones, the new leniency is totally bogus, when the cost of a cell phone ($280 for a basic phone) is more than someone makes in a year.

Cuba has no intentions of embracing democracy, and economic reform rings hollow when a citizen's basic human rights continue to be violated.

If you'd like an inside glimpse of Cuba, I posted a while back about a trip I made there in the Early 80s. I'm sure not much has changed since then.

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WomanHonorThyself said...

hiya Incog!..ah the lefties jus luvvvvvvvvvv Cuba just the way it is!!!

Debbie said...

I have no doubt the conditions there are deplorable. Many people don't even know about technical achievements in the free world. They live hand to mouth, thanks to their 'leaders'. I don't understand why something wasn't done YEARS ago.

Debbie Hamilton
Right Truth

Karen said...

McCain did a great stop in Miami with Cuban dissidents and the families.

Cell phones are a start. I'm glad Bush came out in favor of it. As my husband said, first cell phones, next fax machines! Then we'll see some uprisings!

My brother in law, a musician in the Seattle area, went to Cuba a couple of years ago. He's far, far left in political thought and thought it would be cool to go and visit musicians. He was astounded that the family he stayed with were too paranoid to have their family bible out in the open. They talked to him of the oppresion and he was amazed. The far left are so clueless.

Incognito said...

WOMAN: The lefties love anything to do with communism/socialism even when it doesn't work.

DEBBIE: Well, they kind of tried with the fiasco that was the Bay of Pigs...but not sure why a people don't eventually revolt. Guess it's hard when you never know who is a friend and who isn't.

KAREN: A start, yes, but no-one can afford them. So what's the point. The only people who can afford them are probably those in the Communist Party. Interesting re. your brother's eye opening experience.. maybe that will change his mind. Most people have NO clue what it's like to live somewhere like Cuba. I will never forget getting lost in the "poor part" of Havana with my Dad and his driver.. not what most tourists are shown, then again, Pa worked there.
Clueless is too kind.

Nikki said...

I love that McCain is so tough on this subject. Michael Moore should do a documentry on how awesome Cuba is...oops he already did. I love all the movie stars that gave Fidel more respect than our President. They should all live there if it is so awesome. Raul is the siamese twin of Fidel...end of story. great post! :)N

Pat Jenkins said...

they will not succumb to to freedom with individuals like obama helping to prop communism up that is for sure. well said incog....

Z said...

Incognito, the stepdaughter's there now, for two weeks, in Havana. She spent the weekend somewhere else, on some luxurious hotel's beach.
She says she likes the old parts of Havana very much (she has been in Caracas frequently on business lately, also, and compares it very unfavorably to Havana, believe it or not!) She said that when the business is done, she'll be letting me know her impressions of Cuba and I'll email you. SO far, she's said "the people own NOTHING"....and that you see VERY few people on the streets, isn't that strange?
I've commanded this health nut stepdaughter of mine to at least ONCE have pork, plaintains and black beans and rice. HEAVEN!

More, when she's back in Munich. Great post.

Incognito said...

NIKKI: Heh... Michael Moore is an idiot. The health care system there sucks. Fidel AND Chavez.. I agree.. send them to Cuba first.. and then Venezuela because it's headed down the same road.

PAT J: And that's what I fear with someone like Obama. People forget Chavez won the hearts of the people as a Socialist.. and once in power, boom.. hello, I'm actually a big time commie.

Z: They must have been refurbishing the luxury hotels,because back in the 80s they were terribly run down. And yes, please do let me know what she says.. maybe it has changed. I just remember it was like a time warp, stepping back in town and that everything was gray and rundown... very depressing.

I would, obviously, pass on the pork as well.. :-)