Saturday, May 03, 2008

"Impeach Bush/Cheney" And Other Liberal Idiocies

I've always believed that liberals, for the most part, happen to be idiots. With the exception of a few, the great majority lack the ability to think for themselves, frequently parroting the slogans and absurdities that spew forth from the mouths of those few who do happen to have some modicum of intelligence. Problem is, those "few" are usually liars, like the Clintons, Obama and the bulk of the Democratic Congress, which makes them idiots, too, if they think they can hoodwink those of us savvy enough to not buy into their lies and foolishness. But most of your rank and file libs have absolutely no clue, and like proverbial lemmings tow the party "lies".

Friday confirmed it, all over again.

I was driving to the theatre late Friday afternoon, and lo, by the side of a major drag, was a rag tag group of people, young and old, with scribbled "Impeach Bush/Cheney" signs (and other idiocies), stupidly grinning and waving at the passing cars. I happened to hit a red light and there, to my right, were 2 of the protesters, an older man and woman, smiling joyously. I thought to myself, how pathetic, rolled my eyes and shook my head in disgust. The man noticed my gesture of disdain, and started mouthing the words, "Did - you - vote - for -Bush?" I nodded "yes", fully cognizant of the fact that this would annoy the heck out of him. I know, I'm bad, but I just couldn't resist rattling a liberal.

So, I sat there, stewing, for a few seconds more (an hour's commute sorely tests one's patience), then finally rolled down the passenger window, leaned over and asked: "Don't you have anything better to do?!" There was a moment of horrified silence, after which the woman, in an accusatory manner, blurted out "You voted for Bush!!??" I gleefully nodded yes, and with great vehemence she shouted back, "Well now you're paying for it!!" What?? Paying for it?? Wondering what brilliant response she would have, I asked, in what way, and the woman, with a look of incredulity, screeched "Gas prices!! Food prices!! All those deaths!!" Yep, there are people out there who actually believe that George W. Bush is personally responsible for all those things. The same people who believe he was responsible for Hurricane Katrina; including those loons who actually believe the US government sabotaged the levies. And those who believe that Bush and the U.S. government were complicit in 9/11, and God knows what else. They might as well blame him for all the world's woes, and their own, for that matter. How about tacking on global warming, weather disasters, the world's food problems, their E.D., their divorces, crime, whatever bad is happening in the world, blame it on Bush. And the pathetic thing is, they probably do. Thankfully the light turned green, and I had to drive on, because Incognito was in a fighting mood, and I know who would have won. It wouldn't have been pretty.

Then, on my way home, I forced myself to listen to the Reverend Jeremiah Wright's 1 hour invective-filled rant, as physically painful as that was. This was the self-same sermon the good Reverend claims those infamous "G-D Damn America" snippets, we've all heard, were taken out of context from. I do not suffer fools lightly, and I thoroughly resent being taken for one, which is what Wright and Obama are trying to do with the American people. Wright claims he is not political? Ha! This particular Sunday sermon was nothing but. Wright, another liberal, wacko, loon, pretty much damns the U.S. and the U.S. government throughout. More a leftist, black-power, political diatribe than a religious sermon, Wright, too, blames the U.S. government for everything, including creating the AIDs virus to kill black folk. Let's blame that on Bush too, why don't we. If you have the stomach for it, it's well worth a listen. It suddenly makes sense why Michelle Obama would claim that this was the first time she has ever been proud of being an American, and proves, without a doubt, that Obama was very aware of what was going on in Wright's sermons, all these years. Which just makes him a big 'ol liar, another typical politician, like all the rest of them; not the saviour of the U.S., as he purports to be. And yet, people will still vote for him in these last few primaries.

After an hour of poisonous, hate-filled preaching, I arrived home feeling nauseous, and it wasn't my driving.

There are people out there who are willing to believe anything, because it's easier to believe lies than to think for themselves. It's easier to believe lies than to give up their hatred- of Bush, the Republicans, and anything conservative.

God forgive their stupidity.


WomanHonorThyself said...

hiya Incog!..what a bunch of tools!...argg!

Pat Jenkins said...

wow what got into you incog. oh yea liberalism. we like seeing this side of ya.... keep it up... he he!!!

Karen said...

Well, Incog, You are a stronger woman than I! First to engage the sheeple then to listening to an hour of the hateful preacher.

Z said...

"gas prices! WAR!" Sound bites..blahblah. Michael MOore on Larry King the other night was touting Bill Clinton and how people SHOULD vote for HIllary because of him..."one only needs to compare the gas prices". They honestly feel it's Bush's fault. They're stupid beyond reasoning.

Tonight's speech by Hillary in Indiana was the limit. SURE! TAX corporations, we'll never have another American innovation again! Who's going to pay for it? She's a socialist through and through........I'd LOVE free health care, we pay through the NOSE monthly WITH an $8K deductible!! But, I wouldn't want our country socialist so it's easier for ME, that's for sure. it's MY problem, not YOURS. ugh.

great piece, Incog..I wish I'd been there. We'd probably NOT driven on when the light changed! HA!!!

Incognito said...

WOMAN: That's a good adjective... tools..!

PATJ: Thanks Peej.. started to read it to my sis and she was offended.. and shes' one of us.. so..not sure i should have posted it.. but it's done.

KAREN: For the most part I don't Karen... i choose my battles carefully, but it was just too tempting with them right there.

Z: Interesting... so, yeah.. vote for Hillary because of Bill. Egads. Just what we need, 2 Clintons for the price of one!
Missed the speech.. tax corporations?!! I heard, somewhere, that the gas companies are the highest taxed corporations in the US. And the troubles that come with free health care are not something we want here. Talk to anyone in Canada or England.
Wish ya had been there.. then again, i did have to get to my show, or I probably would have pulled over.

Anonymous said...

You're extrapolating an exchange of a couple of comments at a stoplight into a fantasy that there's no rational basis for impeachment? I can assure you, the legitimate reasons to impeach do not include gas or food prices.

Try looking into the writings of David Swanson, who has an excellent grasp of the issues, and is not exactly a fan of the Democratic Party.

Incognito said...

ANON: I suppose you're referring to the "Bush Lied About the WMDs"?
There's no proof that he lied, unlike Clinton and Ms. Lewinsky.

And if you have other legtimate reasons for impeachment, care to enlighten us.

Nikki said...

Incognito...great post. I did a similar post about the freaking bellyachers in america. I am sure there are those who have looked for a reason to impeach the President in Congress. Seriously do they really think some of these Senators would sit and watch if there was even the littlest dribble on a dress of a chance. They need to get a job already! great read. :)N

Z said...

INCOGNITO? Yes, THAT Dr. Scott!! Small world, huh? I will write. z

dons_mind said...

nice piece incog! it's amazing the things that bush and cheney are personally blamed for.....

Incognito said...

NIKKI: Thanks m'dear. Well, enough of them agree about impeachment, but I say.. what for? No-one seems to have an answer for that. No-one can convince me that he knew and lied about the WMD.

Z: Yep. :-)

DONSMIND: Thanks! Yeah.. gotta blame someone, and he's so hated, why not him.. sigh.

Chris McClure aka Panhandle Poet said...

I believe this is one of my favorite posts that you've written. Your first paragraph is right on target. Most self-proclaimed liberals don't think for themselves, they parrot what they've been told is the right thing to believe. It is interesting how they often believe the only intellectuals are liberals and that conservatives are backward hicks. Most of them can quote Nietsche or Kant but have never read them. They can quote Marx and Engels but have never read them. They can quote George Bush (out of context) but have never listened to what he has to say. It would be humorous if it wasn't so dangerous to our country. They are brain-washed zealots that will fall lock-step into a communist regime if we let it happen. Great post.

The Vegas Art Guy said...

So if Karl Rove is a felon why is he a free man appearing on Fox News?

After all he stole both elections and was supposed to be in cuffs awaiting trial the second he left the administration...

Incognito said...

PAN: Thanks Pan! I have had to deal with so many in my industry that will quote the quotables and then have no response when i call them on it. You ask them a question and they have no clue. Happened this afternoon with a cast mate. And yeah, it is very scary!

VEGASARTGUY: Good point!