Saturday, May 17, 2008

Hugo Chavez , His Corrupt Family and FARC: Or, What A Hypocrite Am I!

Hypocrites abound, in the global political arena, but there is nothing more despisable than a righteous hypocrite. Yeah, those leaders who, in highly colourful and confrontational language, criticize the U.S. for its imperialistic, capitalistic, jingoistic tendencies, when all the while they exhibit those exact same characteristics. Hugo "the Red" Chavez, champion of the poor, (yeah, right!), is as corrupt as they get, and it seems to run in the family.

Let's take a look at that family. Talk about nepotism. We have:

1. Papa Chavez, or Hugo de los Reyes Chavez aka "El Maestro", who has been governor of the State of Barinas (where the Chavez family hails from) for 10 years.

2. Brother, Argenis Chavez is the secretary of state of Barinas. Some speculate he is the one who actually runs Barinas ever since Papa Chavez was debilitated by a stroke.

3. Brother, Anibal Chavez happens to be the mayor of Sabaneta, the small town in Barinas where Hugo and his brothers were born.

4. Brother, Adelis Chavez works for Banco Sofitasa. A bank? So what, you might say, but this bank conveniently handles all the state government's needs.

5. Brother, Narciso Chavez is apparently also involved in the Barinas political scene, but not in any public capacity. I'm sure that will eventually change.

6. Brother, Adan Chavez is Hugo's minister of education.

Now, because of Papa Chavez's condition since his stroke, he obviously has to be replaced. Trouble is, the one brother they figured would succeed "El Maestro" as governor, is embroiled in allegations of corruption, as are some of the other brothers, save Adan, who everyone predicts will be the most likely to win the coveted prize during the upcoming November elections. Wink, wink, nudge, nudge.

However, It seems the natives are finally getting restless over there, with respect to how the Chavez brothers are handling things:

Barinas residents have become fed up with what they see as the heavy-handed and arrogant ways of the Chavez family, analysts and average citizens alike say. One example that rankles widely: The governor and his wife travel in a caravan of SUVs with a police escort that halts all traffic to let them pass .

Governor Chavez spent millions of dollars to build a sugar refinery that has yet to open, and millions more for a new soccer stadium that remains unfinished, a year after it was inaugurated for the America's Cup tournament, analysts said. Gehard Cartay, who was Barinas' governor 1993-96, said the state government spends its money in secret and no longer seeks public bids for big infrastructure projects. Even Governor Chávez's salary is hidden, he added. 'They are not the same poor family as before,'' Cartay said. ``It's hard to hide wealth in a small state like Barinas.''

Ah yes, now isn't that typical of leftist leaders. Gain power, and the allure of money becomes all too captivating.

A Congressman from Barinas, Wilmer Azuaje, who broke with Chavez's political party, has said,

"The president says that revolutionaries have to tell the truth. If you don't denounce corruption, you are an accomplice.''

"...he has launched his campaign for governor by accusing the elder Chavez and two of the president's brothers of using public funds to buy ranches in Barinas and using straw men to hide the purchases.

He has accused the governor and Argenis and Narciso Chavez of secretly buying up to 17 ranches in Barinas. He notes that records on one of the ranches, La Malagueña, list the longtime watchman at La Chavera as having paid $400,000 to buy it.

Hugo's Mama, Elena Frias de Chavez, noted for her bling and reputed love affair with a little nip and tuck, had this to say about the accusations,

''It's all about envy. [snip]These people are uneducated. They want to pull us down to their level. They are pitiful lowlifes. They're not used to a single family holding such power.''

Well, that doesn't sound very socialist to me.

Hugo's ex-wife, Marisabel Rodriguez, who divorced the man in 2003, also claims government corruption:

"There has been much injustice, much corruption going on in the government. They encourage you to report corruption, but if you do, they cut your head off."
She should know:

Rodriguez, who has a daughter with the Socialist leader, said she is so opposed to Chavez's reforms and the pervasive corruption in Venezuela that she is seriously considering running for office. As a result, she said its government has leveled death threats at her. "There have absolutely been death threats against me, ordering me to keep quiet, to behave," she said.

Then we have the latest with the Chavez/FARC connection. Considered by most nations in the world to be a terrorist organization, Fuerzas Armadas Revolucionarias de Colombia, or FARC, is a communist revolutionary guerrilla group that has held Colombia hostage to its filthy tactics since the 60s. 20 to 30% of its guerilleros happen to be children under the age of 18! FARC garners its financial resources through kidnapping ransoms (some have been in captivity for up to 10 years), extortion and drug trafficking. And now, it turns out, Chavez and his buddy Rafael Correa (President of Ecuador) , oh staunch denouncers of U.S. imperialism, have been aiding and abetting FARC. Though Venezuela and Ecuador have categorically denied any such activity, it appears they have. Surprise, surprise! Documents found on FARC rebel computers, according to Interpol (the international police,) are absolutely authentic and not doctored, in any way, by the Colombian government, as Chavez and Correa have insisted.

Chavez called President George W. Bush "the Devil" back in 2006, at a UN General Assembly, and went on to denounce U.S. imperialism; I guess that makes him a devil too!


Z said...

what a conscientious little group,eh? Nice reporting, Incognito!
My stepdaughter is in Caracas a LOT. She does business with young entrepreneurs there who are getting desperate realizing their businesses they've worked so hard for may be nationalized. And, they miss the hotels and shops which have closed because so many middle class and upper class Venezuelans have had to flee (roughly 2 million) and nobody's buying anything anymore or staying in hotels! These young business people despise Chavez and I asked her to please ask the poor, too, if she had a chance. She talked to taxi drivers who feel the same way, they wish he'd disappear. I thought the poorer there would like his supposed 'handouts', but not everyone does. A Communist poster at Frontpage.mag posted that he'd been at the last 'election' as an observer and said he was ashamed of the communists in Venezuela because he'd seen the election was rigged! He was supposed to watch for illegalities and found it totally illegal (at least the little communist was honest and I complimented him for that!)
WHat a mess of a country.
Thanks for this info. I had NO idea it was such a FAMILY MESS.

Kate said...

Adan Chavez is no longer Min. of Education; this change was made very recently. If I am not mistaken he is now a party official in the PSUV.

Friends of mine have seen Chaburro's mom when she has been in Caracas; she has been decked out head to toe in Gucci and other designers. Reminds me of Min. Carreño

David Blomstrom said...

I wouldn't be quick to accuse Chavez of nepotism. Some of the stuff you wrote does raise a red flag, but let's take a closer look.

One of Chavez' brothers was elected mayor of Chavez' home town, and his father is governor of the surrounding thate of Barinas. So what?

For crying, if the brother of a popular prsident runs for mayor of some tiny, poverty-stricken village, don't you think he's going to get some attention? Ditto for his father.

More troubling are the relatives who were appointed. But it's still a bit presumptuous to automatically assume nepotism.

Even if it is an example of nepotism, might it be excusable? Chavez is in a very complex and dangerous situation. Having survived a coup, he would surely like to surround himself with people he can trust. End of story.

On another note, it's hypocritical for right-wingers to accuse Chavez of nepotism, when the Bush clan is driving the U.S. into the ground.

George W. Dumbass' father served as head of the CIA, then President. Dumbya was appointed Governor of Texas, then pResident. Jeb Bush was Governor of Florida.

Don't tell me there's no nepotism involved there.

In the meantime, please check out my new website, Viva Chavez!. I'm also running for public office and am using my campaign to support Chavez. Check it out at Blomstrom vs The Seattle Mafia.

David Blomstrom

Karen said...

George W. Bush was not appointed Gov of Texas. He beat, handily, Ann Richards, for his first term and for his second term received record numbers of votes from all segments of society - especially the Hispanic voters of the state.

Bush derangement runs rampant.

The government of Venezuela was barely running smoothly when we lived there in 1992. We had daily electrical outages for several hours at a time and no drinkable running water out of the faucets. We were not in Caracus but in a fairly good sized city. This was before Chavez. Now, the socialism runs full force. Right into the ground.

Good post, Incog.

Pat Jenkins said...

when politicians or in this case dictators fail to find themselves as equal to who they rule over there will be corruption. great post incog!!!

WomanHonorThyself said...

hiya Incog..Chavez called President George W. Bush "the Devil" back in 2006, at a UN General Assembly, and went on to denounce U.S. imperialism; I guess that makes him a devil too!..ah yes..and the lefties luvvvvvvvvv him!

Chris McClure aka Panhandle Poet said...

I wonder what is the primary cash crop in the state of Barinas?

Incognito said...

Z: It truly is a mess, and just demonstrates what hypocrites the ruling elite are. It seems that the common people are getting very disenchanted, so hopefully they can do something before it's too late.

KATE: Thanks, m'hija.. that must be relatively new, because the Miami Herald article I quote was published April of this year. Well, probably a better position for him.
as for Chaburro's (:-)) mum, how sickening. nouveau riche at it's most fulsome.

DAVIDB: Oy, please. Though you might not agree, all the Bush clan were duly elected. Probably not so with little man Chavez. Why don'[t you move to Venezuela David, I'm sure Chavez would have a special place for you in his cabinet. God save us from twits like you, who revere Chavez.

KAREN: Thanks Karen. Was too young to remember what it was like when we lived in Caracas... but it certainly has been run into the ground and continues to do so. Poor people..

PATJ: That's the thing.. none of the ruling class ever live the same as the common man in communist countries.

WOMAN: Yup, they do indeed.. like the commenter David.

PANHANDLE: Heh, one wonders.. :-)

Darren said...

Politician and his or her family in nepotism shocker?

It's hardly a surprise. It's not even a right/left issue. For politicians of all hues, politics = family business

Incognito said...

Hello Darren, I guess the difference, in my mind, is that nepotism on the left is usually coerced or bestowed upon, in democracies it's earned. :-) But yeah, look at the Kennedy clan.

Darren said...

". . .is that nepotism on the left is usually coerced or bestowed upon, in democracies it's earned. :-)"

Yeah, you have the same surname as me, welcome to the family trough. ;-)

"But yeah, look at the Kennedy clan."

. . .and the Bush family, of course. One does wonder how George W would have got on in life if he wasn't a recipient of the family name?

But as I said before, I don't think it's a left/right issue.

Incognito said...

DARREN: Well, Bush won handily as governor of Texas, as did Jeb in Florida... Name recognition might help, but if you aren't qualified you won't win.. as opposed to countries like Russia or Burma or Venezuela where votes are coerced. :-)
So tell me Darren, what is the appeal of socialism to you? Still trying to find out from someone willing to share. Please email me. My addy is on the side.

D. said...

Haha oh my God, David, your website sucks! I'm sorry but I have to tell you that too much red just sucks!

And the red in your head also sucks. Why don't you move to Venezuela and live like Venezuelans do? If you love Chavez so much please... go ahead and get real. I know what I mean. I live in Colombia and life here is much better than in Venezuela. I have more chances to reach an old age alive in Colombia compared to Venezuela!

At least take a trip to Barinas, Chavez's home state. Everybody there know that what Incog states in his article is actually true and accurate. I lived 20 years in Venezuela and I know it's true.