Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Barack Hussein Obama is Prez

The American people have spoken- Barack Obama is President! So be it.

The American people will deserve what they eventually get under an Obama presidency.

Will weigh in on this this later.


Grammie said...

I know that you were passionate about your candidate...and I can respect and appreciate your feelings...but....

I was quite disappointed with the underlying tone of your post today.

Today is a new opportunity to move ahead as Americans...working together. The divisiveness of yesterday needs to be the impetus of the coming together today.

Even your candidate spoke with great grace and dignity last night as he sent out a message to all Americans to show their support for our new President.

Instead of waiting to see President-elect Barack Obama "fail" about working on bringing about his success? That success will benefit all of us in the end.

Thank you.

Pat Jenkins said...

let's hope we don't get what OBAMA thinks we deserve incog and grammie!!!

frasypoo said...

I' m sorry grammie,
I just cant feel any happiness today.
I may as changes unfold or life may just be the same for me and other middle class people but today there is no joy.
I feel good that Obama,a black man is president,that is a historical moment.I would have felt as proud if a woman became president.
What I am not happy is his policies,his principles etc.
But if he is a true politician,nothing will change.
We' ll see

Karen said...

It's interesting that those who have felt completely free to call the current president every name in the book and it is always Republicans that must just get over it all and work with the other side.

As an American, I respect that he is the first bi-racial President of the U.S. I do not respect his character or this judgement. Nor will I support most of his policies - unless he's lying about what he wants to do.

I will not be silent, however, and be lectured to by sanctimonious people who voted for someone of whom they have no idea how he will govern or why. It was all about one word - change - and that was good enough for them. How sad. And completely ignorant.

WomanHonorThyself said...

agreed Incog..pfftt!..but but .. my friend..I won't give up the fight...just yet! :)

Troika said...

I agree with Grammie.

I also noticed all the booing coming from the Republican side whenever McCain mentioned Obama in his speech - really pathetic.

It's amazing that anyone can possibly think that things will be worse under Obama.

And show some respect for the majority of your countrymen who voted Democrat (I think we can call this a landslide, BTW, despite you saying I was mental for predicting it) has it ever crossed your mind that you might be wrong?

My respect for Americans, along with billions of others around the world, went from zero to 100 yesterday.

Unfortunately, it's people like you who put the world off Americans.

Why? Becasue anyone but a fool reading this blog wuold soon discover that deep down you're ignorant, racist, and in a minority of idiots (most of whom leave ridiculous comments on your blog) who think your way.

It's been interesting reading your blog, just to see how fools like you really think.

But now I know that there are a wealth of sensible people in your country, I'll stop, and read theirs instead.

Good luck in stopping all those terrible Islamic militants that you think are invading your country one piece at a time.


Dee said...

Karen, extremely well said and I wholeheartedly agree!!

Joyce said...

So does that mean we have seen the end of your inane comments here ?
I hope your pursuit of like minded individuals like you will mean your absence from this blog.
Thank Obama for that.
Now thats one positive part of his win.
Should' nt you be worried about your country and its politics ?

Karen said...

An Obama landslide? Um, no. Look at the numbers.

Obama booed at McCain events? You mean like McCain was booed at Obama events?

Incog is racist and ignorant and responsible for the dislike of Americans around the world. Wow. Speaks volumes of the frame of reference from the nasty commenter. What a boob. If this is such an offensive blog, go somewhere else, and take Grammie with you if she's the new 'tone' police around here.

The Obama sheep are the ones who were just yesterday plastering "He's not my president" about Bush on their cars and the Republicans are to flip the next day and fall for Obama? Grow up. Goose meet gander.

The most malaligned human since G.W. Bush is Karl Rove. Rove has been much more gentlemanly about the change in party in the White House than anyone in the Dem party even thought about being last time around.

Incognito said...

GRAMMIE: The tone of my post? Hasn't been any different then the tone on my other posts about Obama. And the fact that he won, doesn't negate the fact that I still think he won the Presidency fraudulently, as I have just posted in another commentary.

We shall see if Obama does reach across the divide, but he hasn't in the past, so I, unlike you, do not expect miracles. Unlike you I do not see this man as a messiah.

I do wish him well, and I hope I am wrong, but only time will tell.

Incognito said...

PATJ: Amen to that Peej.

FRASYPOO: Agreed..well said, Poo. I just wish it had been a less radical African-American as the first black president. but we shall see what unfolds.

KAREN: Thank you for your great comments, couldn't have said it better. I don't ever want to hear the word "change" again.

WOMAN: You and me babe!

Incognito said...

TROIKA: Of course you would agree with Grammie. Wouldn't have expected otherwise. I would have been sorely disappointed.

At first you amused me with all your silliness, then you offended with your crudeness, at which time i banned you from my blog, and now you just bore me.

Now lets see who is the fool:

52% is a majority? Okay.

Racist because I didn't vote for Obama after you, yourself, mentioned once in a comment that I was not racist. Okay.

Anyone reading your blog, if you still have it, would probably think the same of you.. ignorant and in a minority of idiots, and would add misogynistic (look it up)to boot.

And let's see who is the idiot who thought i wouldn't figure out all the various aliases you used to comment on my blog a while back.
You're a masochist for coming to a blog that you hate reading. I haven't a clue why you kept coming back.

You will do us both a favour by trolling other blogs.

I can't say it's been fun, though it has been long.

Incognito said...

DEE: INdeed Karen did.

JOYCE: Troika is a lost soul.

Zack R said...

I would imagine that, as in my case, part of Incognito's reservations about an Obama administration is that he has voted repeatedly in support of allowing infants to die. (Investigate his record on Infants Born Alive.) It was an unconscionable vote which with no exaggeration may be called legalized child-murder. This is not an "internet rumor" nor a "right-wing lie," but rather the truth. His radically approving view of abortion, extending even beyond a late term fetus to deny life to an already-born infant, is more extreme than NARAL, Feinstein, Streisand or any other Democrat leader or demi-god: it breaks a new glass ceiling to encompass murder as an extension of abortion "rights." So, instead of condemning Incog's lack of enthusiasm over the Obama victory, his supporters might try an all-new exercise: THINKING. They might begin with a blank sheet of paper, at the top of which they might write the heading: What has happened to me and to my soul that, as long as it is my candidate advocating for it, I am now okay with child-murder?

lizze said...

I remember awhile back on your blog, you referred to this site where I could enter what I felt about certain issues and this site recommended the candidate.

If I remember correctly, I got Joe Biden at 74% and Obama for 74%.
And probably the only one with that result :)

I am happy with the result but I feel so privileged to have been in the US for these 2 years and seen the political campaigns for myself.

And finally got to share 4 Nov with other Americans is something I will always be so grateful for.

I understand that you are not too happy that Obama won. I know I would have been if he didn't win so I can imagine the opposite goes for you.

Personally, I feel so disappointment that Prop 8 with its discrimination did not get stopped. But in politics, one should never stop pushes for ones beliefs in what is right.

Incognito said...

ZACK: Thanks Zack. It was an issue, but not the major issue.

LIZZE: I do remember you saying you had gotten Obama and Biden. And you got them both. :-) He just scares me, Lizze, because no-one seems to know what he stands for, or who the real Obama is. I guess we will all find out soon enough.