Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Election Day, November 4th, 2008- Vote!

So, today is THE day- the most important election of my lifetime. I'm off to vote and then hand out McCain material. I have never been this active during an election. I have manned phones, marched, and yesterday I participated in flag waving at a major cross-street near a mall. I have never donated money to an election before, but gave what I could this time, even though I'm not working and have no upcoming projects. This one was just too pivotal not to do anything. At least I know I have done my bit regardless of who wins.

I am still cautiously optimistic about a McCain win, I have hope in the American people that they will do, in the end, do the right thing. But whatever happens, life will go on and I will continue to fight for what is right. I'm actually glad this will be over, I can now get back to fighting against radical Islam and posting about other injustices around the world. And if Obama wins, we will all have more fuel for our blogs. If Obama does happen to win, and he makes this country better, than I will happily eat my words, but if he drags this country down the tubes, which I am confident he will, we will easily regain the presidency and the house and senate in 2012. We will have 4 years to court people to the party. I will be posting about that, in the future.

In the meantime, God Bless you all.

Onward and upward!

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Troika said...

Are you the only person left in the world who hasn't noticed that your country has already been dragged down the tubes?