Sunday, November 02, 2008

Yes WE can win this!! Marching For McCain!

I've been busy manning phones at our local McCain headquarters, and yesterday joined a march for McCain/Palin, incognito, of course. Accompanied by my camera and several hundred people, I took some pictures of the march as we traipsed along some major streets waving our signs and U.S. flags. What I found very heartening was the extremely positive reception we received from people driving by. Granted we did get the occasional, incredibly rude, Obama supporter, but that was to be expected. For the most part, almost all the cars driving by honked enthusiastically, in support.

Thought I'd share some photos I took of the microcosm of people attending. We had representatives from every ethnic and religious group, people from all walks of life, gays and bikers. This is what America is all about!!

We started off at a sandwich shop across from the McCain/Palin Victory HQ.

Heading to the streets.

Several hundred strong. Not bad for an unpublicized event. Group was estimated to be from 200 to 400 people.

Men, women, children, babies and doggies in strollers.

Women in wheelchairs.

Dads and their baby girls.

Democrats and their baby dogs.

And we even had some special guests.. :-)

And last but not least, look who is supporting McCain...

Yes WE can, win this, go out and vote McCain!!


David Wyatt said...


Incognito said...

we shall see.. but thankfully it is only one more day and we can all get back to our lives.

Z said...

get back to our lives? Imagine how they might change? ARGH! But, you're right; we have to get back to some semblance of NORMAL, even if we do have HIM. I swear I'll be watching a lot more QVC and the Food Channel..won't be able to see HIM on the news!

I especially love that Black man and his little girl in your photo voting for McCAIN! Just want to HUG him and thank him.....

Pat Jenkins said...

that was great!!! way to take it to the streets incog!! which picture were you in, the last one?...the weather didn't look half bad either!!

Europe said...

great pictures

Incognito said...

Z: Yeah.. the little girl was a sweetie.. i overheard the Dad talking about how he was trying to persuade his wife to vote for McCain,... but that she was being influenced by he liberal friends.

PATJ: :-) yup the last one... and the weather was great.

EUROPE: Thanks Europe.. Used my new DSLR, though didn't have time to edit the photos.