Thursday, May 27, 2010

Hugo "the Narcissist" Chavez Adds Blogging To His Twittering And On-Camera Blather

Venezuela's self-loving Hugo Chavez is well known for his on-camera, day-long diatribes on state television. I can't imagine many people sit there for hours listening to whatever dreck he happens to be pitching at the time, but he does it pretty much every week. I don't know if he's just in love with his own voice, or enjoys looking at himself on the small screen, since he probably Tivo's the whole programme and watches it when he gets home, but the man does love to promote himself. Remember the canned tuna fish he sent to the Peruvian quake victims with his photo plastered on the tins?

As if the poor Venezuelans, and the rest of the world, don't get enough of Hugo's blathering on, the twit added twitter , a little while back, to his various modes of communication. He proudly counts well over 460,000 as his followers, although most are probably there out of curiosity, like me. And who knows how many of those followers are actually accounts he created on his own to inflate the numbers. And everyone wondered how he might deal with the 140 character limit, considering his inability to censor himself, but he seems to be managing well enough. Of course, he did hire a bunch of people to "tweet" for him, 200 to be exact. If you can read Spanish, you'll find his "tweets" are actually quite boring, but he (or one of his 200 minions) do respond to people. I wonder if he'd respond to something negative?

Then, as if his "TV show" and twitter weren't enough, he has also now added blogging to the mix. Yes, Hugo got himself a brand spanking new website , devoted to- Hugo. Too bad no-one thought of buying that domain name ages ago. Would have been interesting to see how much he would have been willing to fork over for the domain name.

What next, Facebook? I wouldn't doubt it.

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