Monday, May 03, 2010

IFPS & Free Thinking Film Society Present: Bat Ye'or & Sam Solomon - Canadian Speaking Engagements &; Book Signings - London, Toronto

From Blazing Catfur: From our brothers and sisters up north. If you happen to be in Canada, please attend. Looks very interesting.

IFPS & Free Thinking Film Society Present: Bat Ye'or & Sam Solomon - Canadian Speaking Engagements & Book Signings - London, Toronto & Ottawa

Details here.

Born in Cairo, Bat Ye’or found asylum in London as a stateless refugee in 1957 and became British on marriage, settling in Switzerland. Since 1971 she has written five books and scores of articles on non-Muslims under Islam, including The Decline of Eastern Christianity under Islam: From Jihad to Dhimmitude, Islam and Dhimmitude: Where Civilizations Collide, and Eurabia: The Euro-Arab Axis, which described the gradual transformation of Europe into "Eurabia". A highly sought-after speaker, she has presented at dozens of international conferences and symposiums, and given briefings to government legislatures, including the U.S. Congress.

Sam Solomon, a convert to Christianity and an expert on Islam, is a senior lecturer and research coordinator, a human rights activist and an advisor to British as well as European parliamentarians. Sam has authored a number of thought-provoking books and numerous articles on Christian Muslim relations.

“The extraordinary researches of Bat Ye’or on the Euro-Arab Dialogue, and on the growing ‘dhimmitude’ (status of submission) exhibited by the leaders and rulers of Western Europe toward Islam, have been for me an amazing revelation, one that at first I wished to deny myself, but her evidence proved overwhelming.”
La Forza della Ragione -Oriana Fallaci

“Bat Ye’or has traced a nearly secret history of Europe over the past thirty years, convincingly showing how the Euro-Arab Dialogue has blossomed from a minor discussion group into the engine for the continent’s Islamization. In delineating this phenomenon, she also provides the intellectual resources with which to resist it. Will her message be listened to?”
-Daniel Pipes

No writer has done more than Bat Ye’or to draw attention to the menacing character of Islamic extremism. Future historians will one day regard her coinage of the term ‘Eurabia’ as prophetic. Those who wish to live in a free society must be eternally vigilant. Bat Ye’or vigilance is unrivalled.”
-Niall Ferguson

“Such a Euroarabian identity is dangerous for the Jewish people. Here I agree with Bat Ye’or’s argument that Europe has been engaged in a self-capitulation to Islamist demands in the name of a misconceived multiculturalism.”
-Robert Wistrich

“Bat Ye’or is one of the only analysts in the world with the courage and insight necessary to state clearly what is happening in Europe today. Her account of the betrayal by the European powers of their own identity and history will stand for future historians as a cautionary tale of cultural suicide.”
-Robert Spencer

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