Monday, October 31, 2011

Iranian Cleric Blames Jealous Women For Opposing Polygamy

It's hard to believe that in the 21st century polygamy is still a practice that is promoted and encouraged by religious leaders in some Muslim majority countries, and allowed per Sharia law.  Sure, there are Mormons who still practice polygamy in the U.S., but it is not sanctioned by the Mormon Church and it's certainly not legal.

It's a practice that an Iranian cleric would like to see more of in his country, but apparently the women there are not too keen on sharing their husbands with another 'wife'.  So, Mohsen Ghara'ati blasted them during one of his TV broadcasts for their opposition to polygamy, blaming it on jealousy.

Ghara'ati said,

 “If a man has the physical power and the financial resources, if he has two cars, two houses, two cell phones, and two of everything, if he can provide two of everything, when it is time for marriage, women say: No! One God; one wife.”

“What does this mean? This means the hell with one million women! If they commit sins, the hell with them! If they burn in hell, the hell with them! This is female jealousy. Women’s envy and resentment cause one million other young females to remain widowed.”

He also mentioned, that

“About twenty years ago, Tehran’s Prosecutor told me that there were 500,000 young widows in Tehran. This was 20 years ago. Right now, there are probably one million young widows in Tehran.”

That's probably because half of those men have been executed by the Iranian government for whatever bogus reasons they come up with for doing away with people.

Keep up the opposition, women of Iran!

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