Wednesday, October 19, 2011

U.N. Report Claims Secret Executions Rampant In Iran

China and Iran are battling it out for top honors in the amount of state sponsored executions per annum.  According to Human Rights Watch in 2010 the Islamic Republic of Iran executed 388 people, Amnesty International claims it was only 252. That, of course, doesn't account for all those that no-one is aware of, and apparently there are plenty.

The United Nations just released a report about an increase in human rights abuses in Iran [like this is something new] including a huge surge in the amount of executions.  It also asserts that Iran has been executing people on the q.t. [also not a surprise.]

Highlighting a jail in Mashhad, in eastern Iran, the report said "authorities reportedly conducted more than 300 secret executions at Vakilabad prison in 2010".

"It has also been reported that at least 146 secret executions have taken place to date in 2011," it said.

"Vakilabad officials, in violation of Iranian law, allegedly carried out the executions without the knowledge or presence of the inmates' lawyers or families and without prior notification to those executed."

The 'official' count  to date (for 2011) is a mere 200.  Who knows how many more have actually been executed. And January was a busy month for them with 83 executed, 3 of whom were political prisoners.

Ahmed Shaheed, the one responsible for the UN report also said that:
four per cent of executions stipulated no charges, that 100 juveniles were on death row, and that more than 100 executions this year alone were for drug-related offences.

China might lead the world in executions (no-one knows the exact number but it's estimated to be in the thousands), but Iran wins hands down for the amount of juveniles who have been executed every year and currently waiting their turn.

With Shariah law, Iranians can receive the death penalty for everything from drug trafficking to adultery to political dissidence  to homosexuality. Oh wait, there are no homosexuals in Iran.

And Iran calls the U.S. the Great Satan.

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