Thursday, October 13, 2011

Iranian General and Hugo Chavez Support Occupy Wall Street Movement

The Occupy Wall Street movement is garnering support from all of the usual, laughable suspects. 

From that oppressive land of mullahs- a country that condemns  women to death by stoning for adultery, hangs homosexuals and leads the world in executing children comes Gen. Masoud Jazayeri of the ruthless Iranian Revolutionary Guard.

Jazayeri thinks what's occurring here is just dandy, calling what's happening on the streets of major cities across the U.S. the "American Spring".  The "Arab Spring", that began earlier this year in the Middle East and elsewhere, managed to oust several long-time dictators and autocrats.   No mention, of course, of Iran's Green Revolution of 2009 and the brutal suppression by police and the Basij (who get their orders from the Revolutionary Guard). Many were killed during those post-election protests, and female prisoners arrested after the crackdown have spoken of being raped in prison.  Jazayeri's only concern is the toppling of Western capitalism, not the myriad of human rights violations in his own country.

Blaming Obama he said:

"The failure of the U.S. president to resolve the Wall Street crisis will turn this economic movement into a political and social movement protesting the very structure of the U.S. government. A revolution and a comprehensive movement against corruption in the U.S. is in the making. The last phase will be the collapse of the Western capitalist system."

Then, of course, Venezuela's joke of a President Hugo Chavez (who also happens to be good buddies with Iran's Mahmoud Ahmadinejad) had to pipe in, as is customary. Hugo condemned the "horrible repression" of  Wall Street protests.  Uh, yeah, a little mace and a few arrests here and there for rowdy protesters is horribly oppressive.  Anyone hear any condemnation from Hugo during all the violence against the Iranian peaceful protests in 2009? Didn't think so.   And how about his other buddy Fidel Castro's jails full of political prisoners. And how many political prisoners does Hugo have in his jails?
Occupy Wall Street activists can be proud to have these two jokers support their movement.

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