Sunday, October 02, 2011

Afghan's Karzai Gives Up On Taliban- Blames Pakistan For Harboring Militants

After years of trying to negotiate peace with the Taliban, Afghan's President Hamid Karzai has come to the conclusion that the whole effort is pointless.  What I want to know is what took him (and everyone else, including our fearless leader) so darn long?! 

The violence has never stopped, regardless of the  efforts  to bring the Taliban to the table, fruitless as they were.  The Taliban even scoffed at our efforts back in 2009 to reach out.  Afghan civilians are as much a target as NATO soldiers and Afghan officials, but it took an alleged 'peace emmisary' to blow up former President Burhanuddin Rabbani, in his own home to boot,  for  Karzai to finally realize it 'aint ever gonna happen. I never thought it would, violence is far too ingrained in that segment of society. The Taliban will never give up its goal of returning that country to full Taliban leadership.  They don't want things to progress into the 21st century, they want life to return to the same dark ages when Sharia was law, and women remained barefoot, pregnant and covered up, at home.

And Karzai isn't just blaming the Taliban for the lack of progress, he's joined the U.S. in condemning Pakistan for what he believes to be collusion, and actually threatened to go to the international community if Pakistan doesn't do something about harboring militants.  Yeah, good luck with that.

Afghan  Minister Bismullah Khan Mohammadi actually believes Pakistan's spy service- Inter-Services Intelligence agency- (ISI) was somehow involved in the assassination of Rabbani. 

"Without any doubt, ISI, is involved in this."
I'm sure he's right, and there are many who would concur, including U.S. officials who believe that the ISI has ties to the insurgents for various reasons.

Critics have accused the Pakistani government of protecting Taliban leaders to maintain good relations with the group in anticipation of Western forces' eventual withdrawal from the country — an allegation denied by Pakistan. Many analysts also believe the ISI's alleged support for insurgent groups is an attempt to promote Pakistan's interests in Afghanistan and counter the influence of archenemy India, which Karzai plans to visit this week.

Of course, Pakistan's official response to Karzai and Mohammadi's accusations were met with quite a different reaction then when General Mullen recently accused them of some of the same things.  Of course, the Pakistanis categorically denied any involvement in the killing of Rabbani-  then again they deny everything even though most of the Taliban leadership reside in Pakistan and  Osama Bin Laden was living high on the hog smack dab in a fortressed mansion in Pakistan for years. But, in this case, Prime Minister Yusuf Raza Gilani called Karzai a brother and a friend and called the whole thing a misunderstanding, saying,

"If any intelligence sharing or any cooperation is required, God willing, we will provide that," Gilani said in his hometown of Multan, Pakistan. "We will help them, but they cannot doubt us."
Doubt us?  The one thing about lying is that you can tell me you aren't lying but that doesn't mean you aren't.. It's actually allowed in Islam- it's called al-Taqiyya.

Like the Palestinian situation, I don't see much hope of resolution. Too many factors and issues that will never be resolved, at least in my lifetime.

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