Friday, September 30, 2011

Ron Paul and ACLU Condemn Killing Of American-Born Hate Preacher Anwar Al-Awla

It looks like one of our Predator drones finally snagged  Islamist terror Imam Anwar al-Awlaki, along with Samir Khan of al-Qaeda's internet magazine "Inspire".  Both of them were born in the U.S. and were instrumental in inspiring others to jihad. Al-Awlaki's hate sermons were directly responsible for inspiring Major Nidal Malik Hasan (the Fort Hood Massacre) and the Christmas underwear bomber, Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab.

In spite of the fact that al-Awlaki was indirectly responsible for the deaths of innocent people, and won't be missed,  the condemnations are starting to roll in. And from sources as diverse as Ron Paul (there are actually people eager to vote for him in the 2012 presidential election!)  and the more obvious American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU). Paul called it an "assassination", the ACLU a 'dangerous' precedent-  I call it good fortune, and what took so long.

Of course, this isn't the first time the ACLU has criticized the fact we had al-Awlaki on our "kill or capture" list. In fact Anwar's father, Nasser, solicited the ACLU's help in trying to sue the government to take him off that list, to no avail.  Then again, daddy thought his son was a good "all-American boy" who would love nothing more than return to the U.S. I wonder if pops knew about his penchant for prostitutes.

Interviewed by CNN last year, the educated Yemeni doctor, was convinced his son was innocent and had nothing to do with al-Qaeda:
"He has been wrongly accused, it's unbelievable. He lived his life in America, he's an all-American boy. My son would love to go back to America, he used to have a good life in America. Now he's hiding in the mountains, he doesn't even have safe water to drink."

And when it was common knowledge that Anwar was hiding out somewhere in the southern part of Yemen, with his al-Qaeda cohorts,  papa al-Awlaki thought otherwise: 

"What do you expect my son to do? There are missiles raining down on the village. He has to hide. But he is not hiding with al Qaeda, our tribe is protecting him right now."

Although adamant about his son not associating with terrorists, nor being one, nor encouraging others to commit terrorist acts (in spite of proof to the contrary) he does concede that his attitude changed after being incarcerated in Yemen in 2006.

"They put him in jail for 18 months, and I detected a change after he got out of prison. He began to get away from the mainstream, he is a preacher. You cannot tie Anwar to acts of terrorism."

Has papa asked himself why his son was jailed for 18 months? And the further deluded dad seemed to think he could convince his son to give himself up:

Nasser said he would do his best to convince his son to surrender "but they are not giving me time, they want to kill my son. How can the American government kill one of their own citizens? This is a legal issue that needs to be answered."

Terrorism is far from a legal issue. Terrorists do not abide by any laws other than their own, and they happen to be cruel, barbaric and unjust. You lose your right to citizenship when you inspire others to commit acts of terror against your own country.

Good riddance to both of them.


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