Monday, September 05, 2011

UK Islamic Extremist Gets Rent-Free Luxury Flat and £1,250 Per Month In Benefits

England's nanny state continues to support certain individuals who have no right being taken care of, so it's no wonder the country is flat broke and full of extremists.  Take middle class 28-year-old Rich Dart, an unemployed former BBC security guard, who is living in  a nice cushy  £1,000 luxury 2- bedroom apartment (worth £300,0000) along with a job-seekers allowance of  £64-a-week, and other benefits totalling £1,256 every month, all courtesy of the other hard-working British taxpayers.

If that's not bad enough, he also happens to be a recent convert to Islam and is one of those who, in spite of leaching off of his fellow taxpayers, loves to preach hate against the country that pays all of his bills.  So, in essence, the government is actually paying this man to radicalize other English youth. And he's doing a good job of it enabled by a government system that makes it more profitable to stay on the dole than to get back into the work force.  Rich or Salahuddin as he now calls himself, has a designer kitchen, a rooftop garden that cost a fortune that he has access to, but had the gall to complain about his lovely digs:  'It's quite luxurious compared with other ones, but you're crammed in like sardines and I can hear my neighbour coming and going. I don't enjoy living among non-Muslims. Under Islam things would be much better. You could have a detached bungalow for each wife, maybe four bungalows if you had four wives. I have to live here - and it's very hard to have four wives.'

Of course, he and his four wives would also be supported by the British government.  But, apparently he has no wives yet, so he spends his time at extremist rallies preaching about the wonders of Sharia law. "When the Taliban defeat the allies we will establish Sharia law and take the fight to the enemy."

Because he has so much free time, Rich has been instrumental in recruiting other white middle-class chaps into the bowels of extremism, and is often on the streets preaching against the West and for establishing a 'global Islamic state'.  As long as the British government continues to suffer the likes of people like Rich 'Salahuddin'  Dart, and continues to enable them by providing them the opportunity and platform to radicalize others, England is doomed.

Source:  DailyMailUK

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