Wednesday, February 15, 2012

10-Year-Old Afghan Suicide Bombers Arrested - Again - After Being Pardoned in 2011

Suicide bombers as  young as 8 are being recruited by the Taliban.   Radicalized in Madrassas in Pakistan they are told their bombs will kill the infidels but not themselves.  They figure the kids are great because no-one suspects them.

Last August, Afghan President Hamid Karzai pardoned 20 children (between the ages 8 and 17) who had been recruited as suicide bombers, and failed in their mission. Two of those pardoned kids (both 10) were caught once again, along with 3 armed adults in Kandahar. Of course, it was the children who were destined to blow themselves up, not the despicable adults.

One of the boys, Azizullah who is from Gardez City, Afghanistan said,

"Taliban recruited me last year to target foreign troops but police arrested me and President Karzai set me free and sent to an orphanage in Kabul. After passing sometimes there, I managed to flee and tried to target foreign forces again but again I was captured."  "Some Taliban last year, one day strapped a vest with some electric wires around my body and told me to press the button when you meet foreign soldiers on the streets or bazaar." "By pressing the button several soldiers will be killed and then you return home."

Nasibullah, the other 10-year-old boy from Balochistan, Pakistan, said,

"I along my family used to live in Pishin area of Balouchistan, Pakistan and used to study in a Madressa (religious school) there. One day Taliban recruited me and took me to Afghanistan. They provided training to me in Band-e-Timor area of Miwand district and after few days they took me to a road and told me to detonate whenever the foreign soldiers passing the road and then return home."

Apparently, upon release, these two young boys went straight back to Quetta, Pakistan for more training and were then shipped back to Afghanistan to try again. You can forgive them their youth and ignorance once, for believing the lies they are fed by their religious handlers, but twice?   Why were these kids not de-programmed by the Afghan government before they were pardoned and released? The kid from Pakistan wants to be pardoned again, claiming he had been cheated by a bunch of armed men.  I hope that doesn't happen before he's reeducated, for his sake and the sake of others.

Sources:  CNN blog, Xinhuanet

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