Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Brussells University Debate Heckled By Muslim Fundamentalists

There is no civil discourse when it comes to Islamic fundamentalists. They allow no room for debate, no freedom of speech, and civility is a word that does not seem to exist in their lexicon. We often witness their uncivilized behaviour at University lectures and debates.  Back in 2010, on the UC Irvine Campus, Muslim students heckled a lecture on American/Israeli relations given by Israel's Ambassador to the U.S. Michael B Oren.  The video shows just how disrespectful the students were.

This time their boorish behaviour was captured on tape at a Brussels University (ULB) where French journalist Caroline Fourest (a secularist) was set to debate Hervé Hasquin on the subject: "Has the extreme right become socially acceptable or not?" Fourest, a feminist, anti-racist, anti-Islamic Totalitarianism  received death threats (along with 11 others) in 2006 for signing: Manifesto: Together Facing the New Totalitarianism, a response to the violence that erupted after the Danish Jyllands-Posten Mohammed Cartoons

The debate had yet to begin when some rabble-rousers (including some niqab-clad women) started heckling the participants accusing Fourest of Islamophobia.  At about 4:36 on the video below, they start getting rowdy and chanting "Burqa!!"  bla-bla.

At one point, after being goaded by the debate moderator Guy Haarscher into coming on stage to speak, the instigator of the protest, Souhail Chichah, an assistant and researcher in economics at the university, grabbed a veil and continued his harangue.  Apparently, Chichah (who is said to have extremist views) had for several days been calling for "Burqa Pride" on various social networks, and was devoted to the "stoning of Caroline Fourest".

Fourest finally left, escorted by security, saying she would never return.

University officials were so outraged by this clear violation of freedom of expression, that the rector has called for a disciplinary board to look into what actions should be taken against Chichah.

He should be fired.


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