Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Bungling Iranian Terrorist Blows Off His Legs In Bangkok

The Iranians have been very busy targeting Israelis in foreign countries: Georgia, India, and now (more than likely) Thailand. Of course, they have denied any involvement in the bombings, and we should believe them because, after all, they don't lie. Remember, the assassination plot against the Saudi Ambassador to the U.S.?  All lies- until a source told Al Arabiya that the Revolutionary Guard was definitely involved

And although no-one is quite sure who the Bangkok targets were meant to be, Iranians can't deny it was one of their own since Saeid Moradi was caught red handed, although minus a few legs.

Moradi and two Iranian cohorts had been playing with bombs in their house when something happened and part of the roof  blew up.  The two cohorts escaped leaving a wounded Moradi behind.

According to Reuters, Police General Bansiri Prapapat told them

“He tried to wave down a taxi, but he was covered in blood, and the driver refused to take him.” He then threw an explosive at the taxi and began running.

Police who had been called to the area then tried to apprehend Moradi, who hurled a grenade to defend himself. “But somehow it bounced back” and blew off his legs, Pansiri said.
Oops.  A little instant karma there, since unfortunately four others were injured.

Pansiri claimed they found Moradi's "Iranian" passport, that Phuket was his point of entry on February 8, and that a bag was found with U.S. dollars, Iranian and Thai money.
A second suspect, Mohammad Hazaei, was apprehended at the international airport on his way to Malaysia. The third suspect is still at large.

Iran has remained mum regarding the Bangkok blasts. Guess you can't deny anything when it's quite clear the suspect is Iranian.

But I'm sure this won't be the end of the attacks, and Iran will continue to deny any involvement, if they can.

Other source: Daily Mail

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