Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Afghan Police Rescue 41 Would-Be Child Suicide Bombers

Just last week two 10-year-old would-be child suicide bombers (who had been previously captured and pardoned last year by Afghanistan's President Hamid Karzai) were arrested along with 3 adult insurgents. Today, 41 more were 'rescued' by Afghan police from becoming walking bombs.

This time, some were are young as 6! said

KABUL: The Afghan government said Monday that police had rescued 41 children from becoming suicide bombers as they were about to be smuggled across the mountains into Pakistan.

Interior ministry spokesman Sediq Sediqqi told a news conference that the children aged six to 11 had been released on February 15 from the clutches of four insurgents in eastern Kunar province.

He told AFP their families “were fooled by terrorists”, who promised to send them to seminaries in Pakistan where they would be “brainwashed” and “prepared for suicide bombings against Afghan and international troops in Afghanistan”.

Police arrested the four suspects and the children were returned to their families, the spokesman said.

Sadly, there will be more (and probably some of these same kids), because to the Taliban children (and women) are disposable.

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