Thursday, February 13, 2014

Gender Neutral Person Sues Company $518,682 Over Use Of Pronouns

And another one for the frivolous law suit file, this time from Portland, Oregon.

Valeria Jones- a person who does not identify as either male or female- wants $518,682 in damages from the catering company she worked for because co-workers kept using female nouns and pronouns to address her. She's suing Bon Appétit Management $500,000.00 for "pronoun pain and humiliation", and $18,682.00 for lost wages and benefits. There is no mention in the lawsuit what she actually wanted to be called other than the very vague "gender neutral pronouns." Apparently she looked like a woman, and Valeria sounds like a female name to me, but she took umbrage with being called "lady" and "miss." Would she have preferred "hey you" or "it." And if she truly has no connection with either gender, perhaps she should have dressed in a gender neutral manner, and changed her name to a gender neutral one. How about Beverly, Jordan, Jean?

Jones eventually quit after starting her job in March 2013.

More on Daily Caller.

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