Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Kuwaiti Man's Reasons For Naming His Son "George Bush"

Love this story.

Nayef al-Mutairi, a Kuwaiti man who has captured and held captive by Iraqis during the 1990 invasion of Kuwait, had a wife who was pregnant at the time. He made a promise to name the child either "George Bush" or "Margaret Thatcher" depending on the gender of the baby. They had a boy.

“At home we call him Bush, but his friends call him George."

In response to criticism for that decision on social media sites he said:

“It would have been better for those who don’t like Bush to liberate Kuwait and not make us need [the former U.S. president’s] services at the time.

In spite of the criticism- though why it's come to light now, I've no clue- the son

"...lives a normal life and has no problems because of his name.”

More on the story along with a picture of father and son.

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