Sunday, February 23, 2014

Taliban and Al-Qaeda Condemn "Merciless Killings" Of Muslims In C. African Republic

It seems that the Afghan Taliban and factions of al-Qaeda are condemning the violence in the Central African Republic. They want the Christians to stop killing the Muslims in that country.

In a statement released Saturday, the Taliban condemned the “merciless killings” of Muslims at the hands of “bloodthirsty militias” as the world sits “idly by.”
It warned that the situation threatens the peaceful coexistence of Muslims and Christians throughout Africa and urged the international community - including the pope - to stop the bloodshed.
 Ethnic-cleansing (as the U.N. is calling the violence in CAR) is an abomination, but who are they- the Taliban and al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb- to complain about the bloodshed? Those prolific purveyors of violence talking about peaceful co-existence? Tell that to  all the Christians (and fellow Muslims) that have been massacred by the likes of Boko Haram in Nigeria, and al-Shabaab in Somalia.

AQIM, of course blames, France (with its peacekeeping team there) and is calling for attacks on French interests.

“To the leaders and rulers of France: Know and be sure, that your crimes will not go unpunished,” AQIM said.
The group urged Muslims not to remain silent about the events, saying “they are ugly massacres inflicted upon the Muslims there, before the eyes and ears of what claim to be international peacekeeping forces.”
It's thanks to al-Qaeda's global reach that there's a rising backlash against Muslims in countries like CAR and Myanmar. People have had it. If the Taliban, al-Qaeda and all the Muslim extremist groups that exist in the world put down their weapons and suicide vests, and set aside their inflammatory rhetoric and goals of establishing a worldwide caliphate, only then will there be a chance for peaceful co-existence.

The recent attacks against Muslims in CAR seem to be, in part, a response to Muslim rebels raping and killing Christians in that country without any repercussions, hence the formation of Christian militias.

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