Thursday, February 06, 2014

Reporters Tweet About The Horrific Hotel Conditions In Sochi, Russia

While Sochi, Russia is ramping up for the 2014 Winter Olympics, it's still dealing with mega problems of the preparation kind.

Aside from the terrorist threats, the city is just not ready for the hordes of visitors arriving, including the bevy of foreign journalists there to report on the games.  They have set Twitter afire with all sorts of horror stories about the half built accommodations: from broken elevators to broken mains (so no water for the guests), no heating (in the middle of winter), or in the case of one reporter- signs telling guests not to use the toilet for toilet paper. Yes, they have provided a bin to deposit said soiled t.p. but- ick!

For pictures and more tweets, click here.

Then there's the bizarre bathroom rules, courtesy of Sebastien Toutant, Canadian snowboarder. And yes, that's a fishing line in the 3rd row. Okay.

And apparently, they don't even have enough pillows for the athletes.


Wonder how Vladimir Putin feels about all of this.

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