Sunday, April 13, 2014

Danish Muslim Lab Techs Could Be Fired For Refusing To Wear Short Sleeves

Two female Muslim lab technicians at a hospital in Denmark are about to lose their jobs because they refuse to wear short sleeves- a dress-code requirement at the Hvidovre Hospital near Copenhagen. The dress-code is a measure the hospital has implemented for sanitary reasons.

According to the hospital Deputy Director, Torben Mogenson, this has been an ongoing issue since last fall:
"Short sleeves are part of the Capital Region's dress code. This is in the interest of our patients. You can not wash your hands with long sleeves. We do a lot for people with different ethnic backgrounds. But when it comes to hygiene we do not compromise the safety of the patients. We have fought for years to get doctors to use short sleeves."

This is the first case where someone could be fired because of their religious practices.

Both of the women are on sick leave, and one of them explained that she'd visited with several imams who told her that good Muslim women must always wear long sleeves at work. In other words, health of the patients be damned

I guess they don't have an equivalent of CAIR (Council on Islamic American Relations) over in Denmark, because you know if that happened here they'd be on the case in a flash, and those lab techs would be working with their long sleeves, happily compromising the health of patients and others.

Original story in Danish.

From Jihadwatch.

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