Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Hypocrisy Video Of the Day From CAIR- Slam AZ TV Host For Refusing Somali Cabbie

The Council on American-Islamic Relations' YouTube channel posted an audio recording of Arizona radio host Lisa Benson discussing "The Myth of Islamophobia" with some guests.

This is what CAIR titled the video: Islamophobia Watch: Arizona Radio Host Lisa Benson Requests Non-Somali Taxi Driver At Airport with the following blurb:

Right-wing radio host Lisa Benson interviewed Rabbi Jonathan Hausman and Jerry Gordon on April 20, 2014, about "The Myth of Islamophobia." During that interview, Benson admitted she requested a non-Somali taxi driver at Sky Harbor International Airport in Phoenix. Neither guest questioned whether such a bigoted request was appropriate.
Benson's "Board of Advisors" includes notorious Islamophobes such as Nonie Darwish, Steven Emerson and John Guandolo.

Bigoted? She had no problems with being driven by what she thought was a Southern Sudanese driver. It turns out he was actually Northern Sudanese (Muslim), and as soon as she was sequestered in the back of his cab wound up telling her that he was going to drive her to the police and sue her for discrimination.

Benson is a Jewish woman who wears a Star of David, yes, she was worried about driving with a Somali Muslim. And she had every right to choose not to hire a Somali cabbie. After all, Somali cab drivers at the Minneapolis/St Paul International have refused service to passengers carrying alcohol or seeing-eye dogs.

Typical Muslim hypocrisy.

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