Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Latvia Trying To Ban The Burqa In Response To Influx Of Refugees

We haven't heard much about burqa bans- at least not for quite some years- but Latvia is hoping to join France, Belgium, Spain, Italy, The Netherlands, Russia, Syria, Chad, Cameroon, Senegal in banning the full face veil in public.  This article on Bustle explains the degree to which they are banned in those countries.

If the government approves, that is, Latvia might finally be going through with it.

Latvia will introduce a ban on the traditional Islamic clothes that cover the face when in public, Latvian Justice Minister Dzintars Rasnacs said on Monday.

"Such a ban will be introduced. The respective draft decision has been already worked out. We chose out of two concepts," the minister told the local LNT television.

"The first is to ban wearing clothes covering face only in certain places, including the state or educational ones. The second is to ban wearing burqa in all public places. The second concept was finally approved," he said.
The ban is yet to be approved by the Latvian government, Rasnacs said. "This ban is needed not to ensure public order and security, but to protect Latvia’s cultural values, our common public and cultural space, and each individual," the politician said.
One of the main reasons is a result of the influx of Muslim refugees.

Estonia and Lithuania are also considering the ban, but not without controversy.  As expected.

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