Thursday, January 05, 2017

BBC's Real Housewives of ISIS Satire Sketch Causes Outrage From The PC Crowd

BBC 2 has produced this hilarious show called "Revolting" which featured a sketch called The Real Housewives of ISIS, which pokes fun at Jihadi brides. Not surprisingly, the perpetually offended pc crowd finds it offensive.

The sketch, lampooning the Real Housewives TV series and posted online Tuesday to promote the show Revolting, features four British women in hijabs discussing their new life in the Islamic State. 
Surprisingly, however, many Muslims take no issue with the mockery. One Twitter user posted the following:

"If you can mock something, you’re not scared of it," posted one person. "ISIS want to be feared. Don’t give them that. And yes I’m Muslim, and a leftist."

Bottom line, these girls/women chose to become Jihadi brides, knowing full well the horrors of ISIS. They deserve to be mocked.

Rest of story here.

Note the BBC link to the episode was removed. This is a new link.

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