Sunday, January 29, 2017

Why Chris Kyle's Iraqi Translator Supports Muslim Ban

While the liberals are out there comparing the 90 day Muslim ban to the Jews seeking refuge during the rise of  the Nazis, there are anti-extremist Muslims who believe it is necessary for the security of our country.

Johnny Walker was sniper Chris Kyle's interpreter while he was stationed in Iraq during the war.

This is what he told Independent Journal Review:

"I agree 100% with President Trump's decision. The national security of the United States is a paramount issue.

All President Trump is doing is ensuring that people can go about their day without living in so much fear. Women won't have to worry about walking around the mall; kids won't have to worry about going to the school.

Look, these countries don't have a database that keeps track of its citizens. And we can't depend on a government database in countries that do, because if they have one it has a political agenda behind it.

It wouldn't be hard for someone to get into the U.S. whose loyalty lies with ISIS or a militia aligned with Iran. While the militia isn't necessarily our enemy right now, they don't have loyalty to the U.S., they are loyal to the interests of the government that funds them. And that government says “Death to America.”

ISIS's strongholds are in Iraq and Syria. We all know what they want to do to Americans."
He also discussed how there are elements within the Iraqi government who have ties with terrorism.

Like Johnny Walker, whose brother was murdered for helping this country, I do have some reservations. Our government should not be banning those who aided us during the war, including all the translators, since they are being targeted by ISIS for their work with the U.S. government.

Read the whole story here.

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