Monday, January 02, 2017

Russia Did Not Hack The Grid Or Elections Claims A Bernie Sanders Progressive

Here's an interesting video from an angry progressive Bernie Sanders supporter who is not buying the Russian hacking of anything narrative, including the elections and the Vermont grid.

It's a tad long, but fascinating. Of course, she places blame on both of the major political parties.

There is NO proof whatsoever to support the beyond blatant lies that are being spewed from top Republican and Democratic politicians alike. The Russia narrative is invented to fear monger and provide the foundations for passage of legislation meant not to PROTECT but control. 

She also has some interesting things to say about Donald Trump at the end of the video. And no, she is not wallowing in the "doom and gloom" re the president-elect. She believes he is serving a purpose... to get people to wake up to things "people have been fine with under delusion of Obama and Hillary Clinton." "..we need an awakening and Trump will facilitate it."

Video on YouTube here.

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