Sunday, January 15, 2017

Trump Inauguration and The Nasty Liberal Bullies

I have never seen such a divided country. Ever. I'm horrified at where we are today. Appalled at how the so-called 'tolerant' left have become so dangerously intolerant. They have become purveyors of hate, in spite of their "Love trumps Hate" mantra during the contentious, divisive presidential election. They have become uber nasty bullies in spite of the fact that they vilify Donald Trump for being one. I witnessed hateful rhetoric on Facebook towards those who had the courage to admit they were voting Trump, yet those brave souls continued to voice their support. But this is why most of us chose not to share where we stood politically; and why so many were shocked when Trump actually won. I wasn't about to subject myself to ridicule and hostile remarks, and I'm sure the majority of Trump voters felt the same way.

Yes, some people are scared, but denying Trump is their legitimate "president", actively attempting to undermine him is very disturbing.  I was very unhappy that Barack Obama won in 2004, and then again in 2008, but I prayed he would do well for this country. The reaction from the right was nothing compared to what the Democrats are doing to Trump and his supporters.

I had thought things might change after the election, but the bullying continues, and it's getting worse. Liberals are hanging on to their rabid hate with even more determination. They refuse to relinquish it. And anyone who tries to reason with them, or reach out for reconciliation, is immediately chastised and even threatened.  And the biggest offenders of all are the Hollywood elite.  Ben Stein discusses Hollywood's attempt to shut down free speech here. He claims people have lost friends, and even agents over politics. It's also happened to ordinary folk who have also lost friends and family.

The few Hollywood types who dare to say anything are met with disdain. Actress Zoe Saldana, of Avatar and Star Trek fame, and not a Trump supporter, said she believes that Hollywood's "cocky and arrogant"  bullying of Trump led to empathy for the candidate, and his eventual win. Not surprising, she has been criticized for admitting that. Nicole Kidman is also being savaged because of her comment about the need to support the President-elect. She had to then clarify that it was not an implicit endorsement of Trump, but rather support of democracy.

She had told the BBC: "He [Donald Trump] is now elected and we, as a country, need to support whoever is the president, because that's what the country is based on".

And because of bullying, Trump has had a hard time finding people to participate in his inauguration. A few who had planned on performing have said they no longer will.  Opera star Andrea Bocelli backed out because of death threats.  Broadway singer Jennifer Holliday (not a Trump supporter but willing to perform to heal the country) backed out mainly because of  backlash from the LGBQT community and her fans. I'm sure there are those who would have been willing, but were too afraid to commit because of the repercussions.

Shame on the liberals for being such hate-filled bullies.

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