Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Ah, the wonders of winter

Just back from my jaunt to the upper Midwest, aka the deep freeze of America (in my opinion), although most of the U.S. seems to be enduring unseasonably cold weather (which does make one wonder about the extent of the whole global warming issue.)

Anyway, it's been many years since I last experienced the joys and aggravations of winter weather and I had forgotten the exquisiteness of it all. How spectacularly beautiful snow is as it falls from the sky, blanketing the earth in all it's glorious whiteness. The soft crunching sound as you walk on freshly fallen snow, before it turns to slush. Icicles hanging from eaves. The crisp, biting, invigorating air. I suppose I can appreciate the wonders of winter not having to endure them on a yearly basis, but I do miss the seasons and all they have to offer. The colors of autumn, the green lushness of spring, the white bareness of winter. Living with summer temps year round can be tedious and boring, however, there are some winter annoyances I don't miss at all: like crepe paper dry, itchy skin .......the freezing, burning, cold limbs that nothing manages to warm...... scraping ice and snow off car windows..... the slipping and sliding. But, there are trade offs no matter where one lives and in what clime. Each region has its drawbacks and we all have to cope with Mother Nature's fury, in some form or another. Be it blizzards, hurricanes, tornadoes, floods or earthquakes.

I did come away with some questions, for those of you who might know:

What do snow plowers do during the other seasons?
Where do snow flurries come from, when there are no clouds in the sky? It was sunny and clear and yet there were flurries.

Sending warm thoughts and wishes to all of you who are out there shoveling snow!


Bert said...

Welcome back...

Say, did you read that email forward (someone should come up with a name for emails that get forwarded and forwarded and forwarded...) about how people suffering the effects of the recent blizzards are contrasted with the Katrina victims? How not one person cut off from civilization, with out power or (Horrors!) TV or internet, applied to FEMA for help of any kind?

I'm a SoCal boy, born and bred and the four winters I spent in Provo, UT were initially a revelation, a joy and then a bore... I don't miss the snow one bit.

peddlinshutterbug said...

Hi, Welcome Back! I love the more of that..hope the trip was rewarding, not much else going on, except if I see another Shrillary free campaign ad on TV or hear one on the radio, i'm going to puke! Er... did I say welcome back to the 'real' world?!

Incognito said...

Thank you Bert!
I did indeed read that multi-forwarded email and found it quite telling!
I lived in SoCal for 16 years, and at least you get some semblance of weather change. Where I'm at.. it's hot, hot, balmy and hot. So colder weather is a nice treat, for a change.

Incognito said...

And thank you, Peddlin!
Have always loved photog. Finally bought a dig. camera in the fall, before a gig in the NC mountains. Needed to have it for the fall colors. Unfortunately, am still trying to figure out how to work it. Even though it's just an expensive point and shoot. The automatic doesn't take great photos so need to learn how to use the other functions.
As for the trip, time will tell.

Yes, the next..yikes.. 2 years, should be interesting!!