Monday, January 08, 2007

Save Nazanin!!

Another example of the barbaric elements of Islamic law: Nazanin Mahabad Fatehi, a young Iranian woman, was sentenced to death (by hanging) for killing a man in self-defense after he attempted to forcibly rape her and her niece in 2005. They were in a park with their boyfriends when 3 men started harassing them. The boyfriends immediately abandoned the young girls, leaving them to fend for themselves. She was 17, at the time and although international treaties forbid the execution of anyone under 18, Iran continues to do so.

Her death sentence was overturned in May 2006, but a new trial has begun and is set to resume January 10th, 2007. Although there are 4 possible outcomes, she could be re-condemned to hang. For more information and details on the case, an online petition and other ways to help save her life, go to a website that was established for that express purpose, though it does catalogue other unjust death penalty cases, as well. And another website set up to help her. A documentary was made about her plight and can be seen on both the websites I have linked above.

Back into the Dark Ages we venture, once again!


peddlinshutterbug said...

It has always amazed me where the so called 'womens' rights' activists are in situations like THIS? If "I am woman.. hear me roar" were so true, there could be such a force (demostrations, etc. for women like Nazanin, that jusdt those voices alone would do such harm to terrorism! Where is the 'oh so enlightened and fair' media in this? Thanks for bringing it to our attention.

Incognito said...

Good point, Peddlin! problem is, though, if the MSM doesn't report those kinds of atrocities, how else do we find out about them. Thank God for the internet and bloggers!