Monday, January 15, 2007

Some voices of reason in the Islamic World

At least there are some Muslims who have the courage to stand up and voice their opposition to the Islamic extremists they claim are hijacking their religion. This, in spite of the death threats they inevitably receive. A little ray of hope and light in the darkness that has become the world of Islamic extremism, and you'll be very surprised from whence it comes:

Imam Shaheed Satardien, a Muslim cleric in Dublin, Ireland has warned that, "Extremism has infected Islam in Ireland." adding that "It's time to get back to the spiritual aspect of my religion and stop it being used as a political weapon. I never, ever, expected that Muslims would come under the influence of extremists in Ireland when I arrived here with my family. So I was shocked to find support for Osama bin Laden, to discover the presence of the Muslim Brotherhood and even al-Qaeda here in Dublin." Born in South Africa, Satardien was forced to flee his birthplace after his brother was killed by extremists (in 1998) and he was informed he'd be their next victim. And though he has also received death threats in Ireland (because of his vocal criticism of the extremist elements in Islam) and has been rejected by the greater Islamic community of Dublin, he continues to preach tolerance and against the violence that has become part and parcel of his religion.

Ireland's population is less than 6 million and mainly Catholic. When I lived there in the 60s (as a child) I don't recall a large Muslim presence in Ireland. But the 2002 census recorded 19,147 Muslims living there, at the time, with 51% residing in Dublin. It is now estimated to be almost 40,000. Almost doubling in 4 years. And though most feel they have happily integrated into Irish society, there is a minority who embrace extremist ideology. In an article in the Irish Independent (citing an opinion poll by the Irish Independent/RTE Primetime) "more than a third (36pc) would prefer Ireland to be ruled under Sharia law, while 37pc would like Ireland to be governed as an Islamic state. The survey shows Muslim youths hold the strongest views within the Islamic community on politics and religion. It found 28pc of young Muslims aged between 16 and 26 believe violence for political ends is sometimes justified. More than half of young Muslims (57pc) believe Ireland should become an Islamic State." Whether one can trust an opinion poll is debatable, but it's interesting nonetheless. Extremists seem to be targeting the impressionable, disenfranchised youth of today, and in countries one would never imagine. Slowly it's influence grows, like a cancer, and save for people like Satardien, it will continue to flourish.

I applaud the brave few who have chosen to take on radical Islam, but where are the others? As long as the silent majority allow the vocal and very active minority to continue embracing the dark and violent aspects of Islam and preaching it to the young, Islam will continue to grow as a threat to western civilization as we know it.


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Incognito said...

Thank you Syed, I will.

As for you Chic: ok, you got me. care to elaborate?

Anonymous said...

YOu are a piece of work. I think you need some serious chatting up from people with other points of view.
In reading just a fwe of your post you've contridicted yourself more times than I can count.
Repug, open your ears and heart, shut your mouth

Incognito said...

Darlin', if you can't be more specific about my contradictions than what help are you, pray tell?

And my ears, eyes and heart are very open, and this is a FREE world, so I can open my mouth and say whatever I choose to. Right? This is not an Islamic nor Communist state where I have censor what I say. If you are indeed a liberal, you should know that free speech is important. And if you don't enjoy my blog, then I would suggest you don't read it.