Thursday, January 18, 2007

The intolerant liberal mindset

Liberals are often touted as open and accepting of everyone and everything, and perhaps they are, except when it comes to politics. Then, they transform into belligerent, angry, intolerant and patronizing yo-yos. I've never seen an angrier bunch when faced with views contrary to their own. They have a special disdain for conservatives, particularly Republicans, and they make no efforts to mask those negative feelings. This is mainly evident in the entertainment industry, but can be found in other business sectors, as well. And this is another reason why most of us choose not to share our political beliefs with anyone left side of right.

I'm in performance for a show (which shall remain nameless), and knew most of the actors prior to starting rehearsals. One I had worked with before, on several occasions, and was pleasantly surprised to discover that he, too, is a Republican. However, unlike me, he happens to be quite open about his politics. I swore him to silence and everything was fine until a few days ago when the following scenario occurred:

We were all in the men's dressing room, during intermission, when one of the other actors (we'll call him A) made a disparaging remark about how the audience "must have been Republican", because he had heard some audible gasps of disgust (though I hadn't interpreted it that way) after a brief kiss between A and another male actor (D). This is a very famous murder mystery that was made into a movie (okay, I'm giving myself away) and it's really more about greed and deception than homosexuality, but the actor (who is gay) was being overly sensitive (in my opinion) and took offense. They are actually gasps of surprise rather than disgust, but, I digress.

Homophobia is not exclusively Republican terrain, so I jumped in to inform him that I had known several gay Republican actors and directors, to which he responded, "So am I!!", but then angrily declared that he had not voted Republican in the last election because he didn't support the war in Iraq. So, I'm totally flabbergasted, because I had no idea. Well, maybe there was one time I might have questioned his political leanings, but immediately dismissed the idea.

Anyway, I didn't get a chance to engage him further but my Republican friend (B) and I continued chatting while the other actress (C) proceeded to proclaim that all Republicans were rich, to which I replied that wasn't necessarily true; that there were many Republicans who were not monied. This did not sit well with her, so she immediately demanded to know if I too was a Republican, and as much in defiance as my dislike for lying I blurted out, "yes, I am!" There was a moment of silence and then she stormed off, to the women's dressing room, saying she couldn't believe we were all Republicans (though she has been great friends with A for years, and most likely knew he was). I think being in the presence of 2 confirmed and one lapsed was too much for her. Back in our dressing room, she tried to drag me into an argument about the war and how the Republicans haven't done a thing for her, but she was too angry to listen to anything I had to say, so we agreed to disagree and I asked her not to tell anyone. That if it did become common knowledge, I would know who had told. She assured me she wouldn't, although I recall at an audition several years ago (during a Bush bashing session) she told a group of actors about a director she loved, who "unfortunately happens to be a Republican." Who knows if she can be trusted, but it's a little too late to worry about that. So much for honesty.

After she calmed down a bit she, patronizingly, told me she still "loved me", even though I "was a Republican!" As if it was a disease or something to be pitied.

So much for all that liberal tolerance.


MUD said...

I think one failing we all have right now is our inability to laugh at ourselves. My loving wife hates to be called a liberal but she just can't help it. As a teacher she see's Government's involvement at the Federal level as the answer. I point out that it is the requirement to play by the Fed's rules if you take Fed $ that she hates.(No child left behind is a great goal, it is not the finish line) I can't get her to laugh at both sides and move on. Richard Nixon couldn't tell the truth from lies. Jerry Ford fell down as much as Checy Chase and hit people with golf balls. Jimmy Carter lusted in his heart, and screwed up the ecconomy. Ronald Regan was the great Actor. Bush 41 had no understanding of Vision. Clinton worked as hard to get sex as he did anything else. Bush 43 has great ideas but is inarticulate. Who will be next? Only time and the commedians will tell. MUD

Incognito said...

Great point, MUD! Yes, we all have our faults and it's too bad people have a tendency to see the faults of others but not their own.
Life shouldn't be taken that seriously, though we're now faced with some problems that should be taken seriously, like the growing extremism within Islam and the bedding down of Islam with the leftists in Latin America.

Anonymous said...

Interesting. YOu taught not being critical of others, and yet you do that very same thing in the next sentence.
Repugs do have notorious traits, and if your coming out as one, be prepared to take your critics.
Or sit in the closet, unprepared to argue your stance on life.
If they judge you based on your politcal association, then perhaps you've made a bad choice in the enviroment you've put yourself in.

Incognito said...

"You taught not being critical of others"? Not sure what you mean by that, my liberal commentor.

What I find very sad is how angry you liberals get about everything that isn't as per your particular POV. Red faced, bulging veins angry. Not my style. I like civil discourse. Don't like watching veins pop.
If you liberals could have a civilized converstion about politics, than i might be more open. but as long as your intolerance surpasses your acceptance, I remain behind my mask, thank you very much.


O.K. You guys have suckered me into
talkin' politics. Not my favorite subject.

I have a Reality Weblog that deals
with political mind-set, war, and historical events that lead to war.

Long ago, I voted for Harry Truman.
Since then, I've hopped all over the political spectrum, and when the hot-air campaign of hatred aimed at Dubya, I sometimes defend against outrageous distortions. We Are At War With A
Suicidal Kill-Culture! Wake Up!

Today, I am a "Jeffersonian BlueDog
Democrat"...and I'd like to ask both sides, Where Did Our Statesmen
Go? We need the Winston Churchill's
and FDR's...all we see are the Teddy Kennedy and John Kerry hate-mongers. reb


This War Will Be Decades Long!

Incognito said...

I would actually agree with you Snake, Blue Dog democrat or no.
I think the Moderates and Blue Dogs's are more similar than one would think. and I also agree, we are at war with an intangible enemy, which makes it even more difficult but the liberal dems don't seem to be in denial about the fact that we are at war. a far more dangerous war than we have ever been involved in.

Anonymous said...

I came across this site and had to throw my two cents in. Incognito, you keep refering to liberals as if THEY are all the same. I find it interesting that in the few paragraphs you wanted to discuss liberals and how close minded they are, but with the tone of this entry as well as others, it seems that you have the problem directly with Liberals and Democrats ( who are not one in the same)

Liberals tend to be open minded but they like to focus more on progress. I understand that you have probably met some people who group you into a large group of people, but isnt that the same thing you are doing right now? I have had many many Republicans / Conservatives call me unAmerican for my beliefs when all I am looking for is peace and safer place - be it through environmentalism, vegetarianism, and thruthful politicians who dont fudge documents to enter wars with the wrong countries at a time of National Strife.

I don't agree with any of your politics, well those discussed so far and but I would hope to discuss them with you as two people not two labels. I believe it is hard for you, as well as someone like myself to view your beliefs, and vice versa, as rational when I see all your beliefs as the mian things that are tearing down the fabric of our America.

Incognito said...

Hello Tragiverse,
You are right, unfortunately we have a tendency to lump people into groups. But most of the liberals I know are exactly as I described. When talking politics with them, they do get very angry and agitated. I would welcome a discussion where I am not made to feel like a fool or an idiot or responsible for all the world's woes.

I think most everyone, save certain people in this world, wants peace and a safer place to live, but how do you deal with that group who don't want peace, who want to dominate, who want to harm others? Diplomacy doesn't work with them. So what do you do?

Now you see you have lumped me into a group that I don't truly fit into. If you read my profile you will see that I am actually a moderate and I am vegetarian. I also think it's important to recycle etc. And I too want politicians who are honorable, but you have dishonorable men in both parties, not just the Republican party as most liberals like to believe.
And you don't mention specifically what you disagree with and why. I'd be interested to hear about it, if you come back.