Thursday, January 25, 2007

Joke of the day on Newsmax:"Muslims Complain of Hollywood 'Bad Guy' Image"

There's an article on entitled: "Muslims Complain of Hollywood 'Bad Guy' Image", and it's good for a laugh or two... or three.

Ethnic minorities have been complaining, for decades, about Hollywood stereotypes and with relatively good reason. For years Blacks have been portrayed as drug-dealers, pimps and prostitutes, Latinos as gang-bangers or maids and Asians are just, well .... an under represented lot. The TV and movie industry is finally taking some positive steps towards change by now casting Blacks, Hispanics and Asians as doctors and lawyers and even Presidents (on "24") etc., to truly reflect the current racial and cultural diversity and demographics of this country we call the United States of America. Because, yes, there are as many Black professionals, today, as there are pimps and drug dealers. Just as there are as many white drug dealers and criminals as there are Black or Hispanic.

So, now, we have a relatively new religious minority (The Muslims) who have stepped forth to carp about the negative images Hollywood is projecting about Islam by casting them as, what else, terrorists. Arzu Merali, of the Islamic Human Rights Commission, argues that "Cinema, both in Hollywood and Britain, has helped to demonise Muslims. They are portrayed as violent and backward. That reinforces prejudices." Hmmm. Well.... I'm sorry to say, Mr. Merali, but we don't need the movies to reinforce those prejudices. We merely have to watch the news every single day to witness that violence and backwardness. We are bombarded, on a daily basis, with the carnage that is part and parcel of the Islamic world.

Merali also references "The Siege" (a 1998 film starring Bruce Willis and Denzel Washington), declaring that the movie reinforces "the monolithic stereotype of the Arab/Palestinian/Muslim being violent and ready to be martyred for their cause." Well, Mr. Merali, it seems to me that the ONLY people who flock to volunteer as "martyrs" aka suicide bombers are, well... let's see... Muslims! Who else are you going to cast as a terrorist? Yes, there are other terrorist organizations that exist, but their terrorism is localized in whatever region they happen to be fighting in. They rarely, if ever, take their "violence" to global extremes. So, again, who else is Hollywood going to use?

I know there are probably as many fine, upstanding, professional Muslims as there are Blacks, Hispanics, Asians and Anglos. And just as many Muslim reprobates as there are in those various other groups. But Hollywood has always stereotyped, and will continue to do so: they will still cast Blacks as pimps and drug dealers, Hispanics as gang members, White males as the doctors and lawyers, Republicans as the corrupt government officials and White females as nurses and mothers. That's the way it is, get used to it.

Although I do have a suggestion to make: if the Muslim world cleans up its act, reigns in its renegade terrorist elements so the world can live in relative peace, then I can guarantee you that there will be fewer films made that portray Muslims in a negative light.


just a toy said...

You might be right....


Bert Bananas said...

You forgot to mention how Hollywood has 'taught' us to view the role of the woman in Islam... How dare Hollywood portray Islam as an institution that views women as second or third class citizens!

And can you answer me a question? When the Muslim warrior-martyr goes to Heaven and gets his 72 virgins, what does he do on the 73rd night?


IF muslims clean up their act?

It has taken 1400 years to develop
the Kill-Culture Scenario, and it may take longer to dissolve it.

Grand Ayatollahs & Imams are not prone to giving up Devine Prerogatives once they've achieved
Total Power Over the Great Unwashed.

"Better to Reign in Hell, than Serve in Heaven".

Check our short History Post. reb

MUD said...

For many hundreds of years, the Muslim community ruled over Europe until a more enlightened group (I'm still not sure about the Italians) wrestled the right to rule away from them. I'm sure they still struggle with the loss and think that a few written words in their holy book will restore them to the power seats. With all their oil money they should lead the way in technology, family values, education and prosperity. Instead they probably have more sheep hearders than great leaders. Potential is only that if it is tied to the end of a stick of dynamite. Show us the way, Lead follow or get the hell out of the way. MUD

peddlinshutterbug said...

I agree, Incognito. If the shoe fits, they need to wear it. The muslim people in the world who do not agree with the violence need to speak up, take back their religion, and if it is a peaceful religion, then the terrorism will decline. The problem is, even with the Irish Catholic and English Protestants, the priests and pastors in the churches were not breeding the hatred. That terrorism was truly a faction. That is why that terrorism is practically nonexistent today. The west is going to tire of this, I hope. But, are the terrorists correct in their evaluation of us? Are we weak? Can we not stomach the commitment and pain we must endure to fight them? I fear that our press is so deviously skilled at perveying that message that if they would have been loyal to the values of the west, from the beginning, this war would have a very different face today. I fear that now with the Democrats in power, they will turn this into another Viet Nam by the way they determine that we end it. And in doing so, they are condemning us to a much bloodier and more difficult battle in the future, with a much more emboldened, enriched (with oil money from the west.) This world is mad, and if I did not have my faith, I too, would be mad. May we all claim the peace that surpasses understanding, not the false "peace" that the liberal/socialists want to bring us.

Incognito said...

Well, Bert...I'd venture to say that by the 73rd cos his thing is probably plain tuckered out.

Incognito said...

I agree, Snake and MUD. Though in reality, they have ruled 'by the sword' from the beginning. They are just returning to their roots. And yes, you would think that with all that oil money they would be far more evolved. However, as with any kind of totalitarian regime (including Communist etc)the money only goes to the elite ruling class. Keeping the masses in poverty and ignorance ensures the oligarchy remain in power and the masses willing to do their bidding.

Incognito said...

Some great points Peddlin!
In reality, Islam isn't a religion of peace. That's the problem. It has always been rooted in violence. There are even radical Imams who claim it isn't a religion of peace.

And, unfortunately, I think we are weak, which only serves to embolden them and yes it is going to be bloodier, as a result. Basically, the lines have been drawn. I know which side I am on and take comfort in that.

JoeBlogs said...

The Siege was a rubbish film anyway.

Incognito said...

And I never saw the film, Joe.. soo. :-)

mohammed said...

Mrs. incoginto what do you know about islam to say it is not a religion of peace have you ever been a muslim before ?what did you read or see about islam ?do you really make any effort to know about it or you only see tv and make these conclusion?who are the imams you are taking about?
and what about your priests and whoever who are just trying to insult islam and muslims but of course in vain because an ant cannot hurt a mountain .are we terrorist in your opinion .well what about IRAQ,PALESTINE,BOSNIA,CHECHAN.SOMALIAS,LEBANON.....ETC do you think that we vilently kill ourselves and invade our land and destroy our civilsatio .did the iraq invade america so america is retaliating?and what well do really if we invade your country and try to contol your economy and interfer in you life?who are the terrorist we or you who kill women and children and slaughter men you who help ISRAEL to destroy PALESTINE ?do you think baby are violent.JUST BE FAIR AND REALLY STUDY THOSE YOU SPEAKES ABOUT

mohammed said...
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mohammed said...
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Bert Bananas said...

As a Laztheist, I don't have to apologize for my religious beliefs. Or rather, the lack of them.

If the inhabitants of North & South America had had a free press during the 16th, 17th, 18th and 19th centuries, what do you think they would have written about the Christians from the Old World? Would they have considered Christianity a religion of love, peace and tolerance?

It may well be that religion and power are not a comfortable combination, at least for those not in power, or of the same religion?

Have a good time out of town.

Anonymous said...

I wholeheartedly agree with you. One ethnicity I noticed you omitted were my people: the Italians! All of my life I have people ask me if I am in the Mafia. Or because I am living in Tennessee people love to ask me if I am in the witness protection program. I have to laugh; with a name like DeFilippo? I would have changed it to Jones! But I take no offense. Why else would anyone think I am in the Mafia? It does consist of all Italians.

Incognito said...

I would agree Bert, however, the main difference is that the Christians of the "new World" seem to have evolved out of that dark period in their history, whereas Islam has not.
And power in the hands of any *wacko* is not a good combination.
had a great time, thanks! :-)

Incognito said...

Hello Michael,
I almost *did* add Italians and other ethnicities and types that are often stereotyped (and most are) but decided to restrict my comments to those considered to be a minority. Sorry. :-)
Maybe you should say you are. That would keep everyone in check.